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SearchWorks enhancements, part two!

SearchWorks 3.1

The second round of SearchWorks work has just wrapped up (see part 1). Most of these changes are already visible, with a few more to come over the next week or so. This batch focused on improvements to metadata and availability display; user-requested, usability, and accessibility changes; and new content.

Metadata improvements

Missing or incorrect descriptive metadata is now (correctly) displayed, and metadata links have been added or corrected to improve search accuracy. For the detail-oriented, this included:

  • adding or restoring missing...
    • "Organization and arrangement of materials" (MARC tag 351)
    • local subject headings (690)
    • “Materials specified” to Imprint (260/264)
    • segments of vernacular series (e.g. "Name of part/section” in the Chinese script version)
  • correcting display of...
    • music instrumentation (382; “Medium of performance”)
    • untranslated relator codes (e.g. “prf” for “Performer”)
    • content incorrectly presented as “bound with” notes in the library holdings
  • correcting linking of "Uniform title” searches.

Serials linking entries are expanded and improved, including "continues/continued by" links, ISSN searches, and “Untraced series” links.

Improvements to the way dates of creation or publication are calculated and displayed - especially for pre-1000A.D. and B.C.E. materials - will make it possible to release some interesting digital collections into SearchWorks soon.

Changes and additions based on user feedback

All authors are grouped together in the “Creators/Contributors” section of the record display. (Previously, the first author was called out at the top of the record. It’s not always clear from the metadata how authorship was shared, though, and this treatment sometimes appeared to deprecate an equal contributor.)

Issues with the way book covers are retrieved from the Google Books service have been addressed, which should improve speed, as well as eliminate many false hits and browser-specific misbehaviours. 

The “Cite” feature has been replaced. Citations are now generated by OCLC, which provides more citation formats with better quality. For Stanford Digital Repository materials, the Preferred citation provided by the depositor or curator is displayed. Citations from a Selection list can grouped either by title or by citation format.

"Cite" popup showing tabs and formats

The Language facet has been added to the home page of SearchWorks, so you can start your search within, say, our French-language materials.

Search results have quick navigation to the top & bottom of the page, in the right margin. (And the wonky behaviour of the similar sidebar navigation on the record page has been fixed.)

Top/bottom navigation  Top/bottom nav showing hover

Links to Topic and Course guides (on the Library website) were added to the SUL menu dropdown; and the menu button was made more prominent.

SUL menu dropdown (closed and open)

When an advanced search results in no records found, there’s a “Return to advanced search” link that returns to the search form with the previous entries retained.

The collection preview “filmstrip” now shows an explicit link to the full collection, with better support for keyboard access, and “swipe” on touch devices. The same changes will be applied to Browse nearby shortly.

Collection preview filmstrip showing link to full results

Improved accessibility for keyboard-only users, including 

  • expandable content in search results
  • more effective “skip to” links

Availability display in the search results:

Availability section on a search result

  • changed “At the library” to “Check availability” for clarity,
  • improved keyboard accessibility,
  • improved visiblity of the Find it (Stackmap) button for materials at Green.

and on the record page:

Availability panel on record page

  • explicit status description (instead of just the icon)
  • click anywhere in the brown header bar to see the library’s info page with directions, hours, maps, etc.

Users reported that some items - especially from SAL3 - were showing as Available when they were actually on hold for a patron at the Circulation desk. This has been corrected.

Coming soon

Last to appear, but definitely not least important, these changes will happen in the next few days, as the massive SearchWorks index is rebuilt.

On order materials will be added to the Access facet. (The on-order materials themselves are not new to SearchWorks, but an easy way to access them is.) And wherever possible, the ordering library for a given item will be displayed.

Access facet showing "On order"

Technical reports will be added to the Genre facet.

Genre facet showing Technical reports

A new facet will provide access to the material in Art Locked Stacks. This is a trove of unique and sometimes fragile items that, by definition, cannot be browsed in person. Select Art & Architecture under Library, and the new facet will appear at the top of the left sidebar.

Location facet showing Art Locked Stacks

...and over the spring

As new digital content is released, you'll see:

  • Archived websites (will be listed in the Resource type facet)
  • Atlases with individually-discoverable maps
  • Geospatial data