New My Library Account

August 5, 2019
Sarah A Seestone

We are pleased to announce that Stanford Libraries has released a redesigned My Library Account. Library borrowers can now:

  • view their checkouts 
  • renew books 
  • view and make changes to their SearchWorks requests
  • pay fines 

using a mobile-friendly and completely updated application. Designed and developed by Digital Library Systems & Services staff, the new My Library Account shares the look and feel of other Stanford Libraries applications. 

All borrowers can now access their account via the familiar My Account link in the header (or footer) of SearchWorks or the library website. Proxy, fee, and courtesy borrowers no longer need to use a separate link. 

Contact information for Circulation & Privileges is available at the top of each page for questions about your account. A Feedback link in the top right lets you contact the application support team. 

My Library Account contact info


The same navigation you’re used to - Summary, Checkouts, Requests, and Fines - has been enhanced to highlight items that need attention. 

My Library Account nav status


From the summary screen, you can renew all eligible items in a single click, or pay outstanding fines. 

My Library Account summary


On each tab, items needing attention are highlighted at the top of the list. 

My Library Account highlighted items


Throughout the application, more information is available for each title or fine listed. For example, when viewing checkouts, click a row to expand details and see: 

  • a “renew this item” option (or a clear reason why you cannot renew it)
  • the date you checked the item out
  • how many days (or hours) before it is due (or how many days it’s overdue)
  • which Stanford library it comes from

My Library Account checkout detail

Some items requested in SearchWorks are filled by the BorrowDirect service. Before, these requests were not trackable in My Library Account; now they are included in your Requests list. (For now, Pickup library and Not needed after date are not displayed for these items.)


We've removed a few steps from the fine/fee payment process, and provide an easy way to show your complete fine/fee history. If you have questions or wish to dispute a fine, contact information for the appropriate Stanford library is included in the details of each payable fine.

My Library Account fine detail


My Account shows custom information for specific types of borrowers. Fee borrowers have additional information about their account clearly visible in the summary tab. Details like the date their privileges expire, how many items they can borrow at one time, and their eResource access is clearly stated. Faculty with proxy borrowers will see their personal account clearly separated from materials borrowed or requested by their proxies, yet both are easy to view and manage. Proxy borrowers have a similar view, with their requested or borrowed materials listed separately from materials requested or borrowed by other proxies in the research group.   

We think the new My Library Account is a huge improvement on the previous My Account, and we look forward to your feedback. 


Many staff across the organization have contributed observations and ideas since this project first started to take shape. Thank you!   Most importantly, thanks go to the project team: Camille Villa, Chris Beer, Jack Reed, Jennifer Vine, Jessie Keck, Josh Greben, Sarah Seestone, Shelley Doljack, and Tony Zanella. Thanks also to Darsi Rueda and Mark Matienzo who ensured time to see the project completed.