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Blanche Thebom as Laura, in La Gioconda

Blanche Thebom as Laura, in La Gioconda

Blanche Thebom Collection

The bulk of the Blanche Thebom Collection contains scores, publicity, correspondence, notes, and media from the mezzo-soprano's years as a theatrical director. Included are business records and production materials from the Atlanta Opera Company, production materials from the operas and puppet shows she directed at the University of Arkansas - Little Rock, and some files from her stint teaching at San Francisco State University. The largest portion of this collection is devoted to Thebom's own printed music collection, intact and in the order she kept it. Outside of some ephemera from her many tours abroad, there is little material from her time performing with the Metropolitan Opera, nor is there much in the way of personal correspondence. However, the collection does hold many recordings from this era, including test pressings from her years recording for RCA (some with unissued takes), as well as almost 150 unique recordings on fragile instantaneous discs, several from the 1930's. 

This collection has been processed with generous financial support from the National Historical Publications & Records Commission.


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