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Simple spatial models: Building blocks for process-based GIS?


Date and Time: 
May 7, 2015
Green Library, Social Science Resource Center, Room 121A

Please RSVP to Karl Grossner ( if you expect to attend.

Event Sponsor: 
Stanford University Libraries

Stanford University Libraries' Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research (CIDR), invites you to hear David O'Sullivan, Associate Professor of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley speak on "Simple spatial models: building blocks for process-based GIS?" David's talk will be on Thursday, May 7th, from 4:00-5:30pm in Green Library's Social Science Resource Center Seminar Room (Room 121A).

In our recent book 'Spatial Simulation: Exploring Pattern and Process' (co-authored with George Perry) we propose a classification of dynamic spatial models into broad process categories of aggregation-segregation, movement, and growth.  I revisit these categories and show how thinking about process models in this way leads to 'building block' spatial models.  Such building block models offer a number of advantages in helping us to build and to understand complicated simulation models. Further, these building blocks may provide a way forward in the development of more dynamic, process-based, geographical information systems.