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Dissertations written after 2009 are available digitally in SearchWorks.

Print copies of theses and dissertations for the Department of Biology that were submitted from the mid-1920's through 2009 are located in SAL3.  These can be found in SearchWorks by selecting Dissertations & Theses, then searching for Department of Biology in the author field (see the list of dissertations below). 

Effective January 1, 2008, the name of the Department of Biological Sciences was changed to the Department of Biology.  The department was formed by the merger of the Department of Zoology with the Department of Botany and other departments.  To find all dissertations submitted to the department through its history and cataloged in SearchWorks, search for all variations in its name or use the Organization (as author) facet listed under Limit your Search in the left column of the search page.