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CHEMENG 25E: Energy: Chemical transformations for production, storage, and use

CHEMENG 25E / ENG 25E - Winter 2014 - Instructor: Jaramillo, T. F.
Last Updated: 3-Sep-2015


America's Energy Future


Popular Reading

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Cambridge [England] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1989.
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Search 10,000+ journals across the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Move backward or forward in time using cited/citing references. Updated weekly, covers Sciences 1899-present, Social Sciences 1898-present, and Arts and Humanities 1975-present.
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3rd ed. / Washington, DC : American Chemical Society ; Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006.
Chemistry & ChemEng Library (Swain) » Permanent reserve: Ask at circulation desk » QD8.5 .A25 2006
"An essential constant in this changing environment is the requirement that information remain accurate, clear, unambiguous, and ethically sound. The ACS Style Guide is the definitive source for all information needed to write, review, submit, and edit scholarly and scientific manuscripts. It is also an excellent resource for learning how to effectively communicate scientific information." (publisher's description)


Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier Academic Press, c2004.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » TJ163.28 .E53 2004 V.1
This highly topical reference draws together all aspects of energy, covering a wealth of areas throughout the natural, social and engineering sciences. It provides easily accessible information about all aspects of energy, written by leading international authorities.
5th ed. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2004-2007.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » TP9 .K54 2004 INDEX
A indispensable reference that covers all aspects of chemical technology, including industrial processes and unit operations as well as fundamentals and scientific subjects related to the field.
7th ed. Weinheim, Germany : Wiley-VCH ; New York : J. Wiley & Sons, 2009-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
A reference work detailing the science and technology in all areas of industrial chemistry. Fully international in scope and coverage and published in the English language.


Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, c2008.
Engineering Library (Terman) » Stacks » TK2896 .E485 2008
Discussing methods for maximizing available energy, "Energy Conversion" surveys the latest advances in energy conversion from a wide variety of currently available energy sources.
[Norwich, N.Y.] : Knovel, 2003-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Knovel provides access to over 2,000 leading reference works and databases from over 50 international publishers and professional societies through a single interface.
3rd ed. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2006.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
In addition to chapters on thermophysical properties of fluids, fundamentals of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, combustion, and furnaces, this volume features coverage of both conventional (gaseous and liquid fuels, coal, and nuclear) and alternative (solar, geothermal, and fuel cells) energy sources.
Updated to reflect the latest technology and processes, the Eighth Edition of this classic guide provides unsurpassed coverage of every aspect of chemical engineering-from fundamental principles to chemical processes and equipment to new computer applications.


Expanded ed. Oxford : Elsevier, c2009.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
This dictionary provides a tool to improve communication on energy matters and understand energy issues and opportunities.
Lilburn, GA : Fairmont Press, Inc. ; New York : Distributed by Marcel Dekker, Inc., c2004.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » TJ163.28 .H67 2004
This comprehensive reference addresses the diverse topics that form the backbone of energy efficiency in a timesaving dictionary format.
Premium collection Oxford ; New York, N.Y.: Oxford University Press, c2002-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Brings together language and subject reference works from one of the world's biggest and most trusted reference publishers into a single cross-searchable resource.


Trucost logo
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » HC79 .E5INTERNET RESOURCE
The Trucost academic research portal provides access to time–series data on over 4,800 global companies to help you analyze companies and industries based on the natural resources used and environmental impacts across company operations, product lifecycles and supply chains.  Additional information for researchers is also available on the Trucost website.

Consumption, Conservation, & Sustainability - Encyclopedias

Washington, D.C. : NCSE
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
The Encyclopedia of Earth is an electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society. The EoE is a free, expert-reviewed collection of content contributed by scholars, professionals, educators, practitioners and other experts who collaborate and review each other's work.
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, c2007.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Covers energy efficiency and conservation opportunities, renewable and alternative energy sources, the financial analysis of energy systems, environmental regulations, global climate change, green development, hydrogen-fueled vehicles, and more.
New York : J. Wiley, 2001.
Earth Sciences Library (Branner) » Stacks » GE45 .S73 E53 2001 v.1
Covers the development and application of quantitative methods in the environmental sciences. It provides essential tools for understanding, predicting, and controlling the impacts of agents, both man-made and natural, which affect the environment.
Oxford : Eolss Publishers, 2004-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
The Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems is an integrated compendium of sixteen encyclopedias. It attempts to forge pathways between disciplines in order to show their interdependence and helps foster the transdisciplinary aspects of the relationship between nature and human society.

Consumption, Conservation, and Sustainability - Handbooks & Statistics

3rd ed. Abingdon, Oxon : Earthscan ; Brighton, UK : Produced for Earthscan by Myriad Editions, 2011.
Earth Sciences Library (Branner) » Stacks » QC903 .D75 2011
Rigorous in its science and insightful in its message, this atlas examines the causes of climate change and considers its possible impact on subsistence, water resources, ecosystems, biodiversity, health, coastal megacities, and cultural treasures. It reviews historical contributions to greenhouse gas levels, progress in meeting international commitments, and local efforts to meet the challenge of climate change.
Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, 2013.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
This book provides a technical and practical guide to measure and minimize greenhouse gas emissions for any organization, from manufacturing to service facilities. It serves as an up-to-date source of technical information related to current and potential greenhouse gas emission minimization practices.
Paris, France : International Energy Agency, c2006-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » TJ163.13 .E544 2015
This book on new developments in energy technology demonstrates how technologies can make a decisive difference in achieving the objective of limiting the global temperature rise to 2°C and enhancing energy security. It presents scenarios and strategies to 2050, with the aim of guiding decision makers on energy trends and what needs to be done to build a clean, secure and competitive energy future.
New York, NY : Springer, c2012.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Uniquely focuses on mitigation of climate change impacts from a technical perspective. Addresses all aspects of energy (fossil, alternative, renewable, solar, or biofuel) in the context of mitigation of atmospheric carbon and resultant climate change. Comprehensively tackles climate change, including scientific evidence of climate change and societal issues, impacts of climate change, energy conservation, alternative energies, advanced combustion, advanced technologies, and education and outreach.
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, c2007.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » TJ163.3 .H356 2007
This handbook provides a thorough grounding in the analytic techniques and technological developments that underpin renewable energy use and environmental protection. The handbook emphasizes the engineering aspects of energy conservation and renewable energy.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Key World Energy Statistics contains timely, clearly-presented data on supply, transformation and consumption of all major energy sources.
4th ed. Golden, Colo. : National Renewable Energy Laboratory, [2006]
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Contains a wide selection of data and statistics on renewable energy power technologies from a variety of sources—collected in one convenient document. The Browse by Technology section is grouped by: Biomass, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Solar, and Wind. Analysis at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory aims to increase the understanding of the current and future interactions and roles of energy policies, markets, resources, technologies, environmental impacts, and infrastructure.
[Santa Monica] : RAND Corporation
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
The Energy and Environment section reports energy sources and generation, energy consumption, energy expenditures and prices, electricity consumption and generation, installed wind power, greenhouse gas emissions, petroleum and natural gas sources and consumption, air quality, gasoline deliveries, water usage, and estimated water usage.
This special report provides an assessment and thorough analysis of renewable energy technologies and their current and potential role in the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.
Paris : Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ; Washington, D.C. : Distributed by OECD Publications and Information Center, 1977-
Green Library » Information Center: Statistics » HD9502 .A2 W88 2012
Presents analytical insights into trends in energy markets and what they mean for energy security, environmental protection and economic development. Includes updated projections of energy demand, production, trade, investment and carbon-dioxide emissions, broken down by country, fuel and sector, to 2035.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels Encyclopedias

For more than 40 years, the IPE has been the preferred research tool for energy industry leaders. A compilation of worldwide petroleum and energy industry data, it includes colorful atlas maps, extensive country reports, comprehensive statistics and surveys, factual chronologies, and insightful, exclusive articles that highlight the year's major events and their implications for the future.

Fossil Fuels Handbooks

1st ed. Oxford, UK ; Burlington, MA : William Andrew, 2009.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Provides an overview of refineries and gas plant operations and identifies the key environmental aspects, supported by case studies of major incidents that resulted in catastrophic releases of oil and refined products, and a critical assessment of the methodology and calculation procedures that the industry relies on in preparing emissions inventories.
[S.l.] : William Andrew, 2011.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
This book focuses on the environmental damages caused by power plant operations and the environmental issues with solid waste, air and impoundment issues such as the massive TVA spill in Kingston, TN.
Oxford : Gulf Professional, 2009.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
This handbook will present an analysis of the process steps used to produce industrial hydrocarbons from various raw materials. It includes a thorough analysis of external factors effecting production such as: cost, availability and environmental legislation.
[New ed.]. Richardson, TX : Society Of Petroleum Engineers, 2006-2007.
Earth Sciences Library (Branner) » Reference » TN870 .L225 2007 V.1
The Petroleum Engineering Handbook has long been recognized as a valuable, comprehensive reference book that offers practical day-to-day applications for students and experienced engineering professionals alike. This new edition, the first since 1987, has been greatly expanded and consists of seven volumes.
2nd ed. / Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier, c2005.
Earth Sciences Library (Branner) » Reference » TN870 .S6233 2005
This handbook provides you with the best coverage for every aspect of petroleum and natural gas engineering. With thousands of illustrations and 1,600 pages, this text is a handy and valuable reference book.


Nuclear Encyclopedia

Amsterdam ; Waltham, MA : Elsevier Science, 2012.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Within the context of strict international regulatory guidance and mandatory performance characteristics, materials for modern nuclear systems need to demonstrate ever-increasing standards of dimensional stability, mechanical properties, reduction of waste byproducts and optimal cost-effectiveness.

Nuclear Handbooks & Primer

New York ; London : Springer, 2010.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
This five volume work fills the need for an up-to-date condensed reference on nuclear engineering since 1958. It includes an introduction to new reactor types, such as Generation III, III+ and IV. This handbook describes the essential role nuclear energy plays in the future to ensure an adequate supply of non-polluting sustainable energy. Presents information accessible at multiple technical levels (students, professionals, researchers).
London : World Nuclear University Press ; Burlington, Mass. : Elsevier, c2006.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Today nuclear power plants operate in some 30 countries, and nuclear energy has become a safe and reliable source of one-sixth of the world's electricity. This base has the potential to be expanded widely as part of a worldwide clean-energy revolution. This balanced and accessible primer provides: an inroad into nuclear science for the non-specialist; a valuable account of many aspects of nuclear technology, including industry applications; and answers to public concerns about safety, proliferation, and waste management.
Nashville : Vanderbilt University Press, c2009.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
An essential reference for journalists, activists, and students, this book presents scientifically accurate and accessible overviews of 24 of the most important issues in the nuclear realm, including: health effects, nuclear safety and engineering, TMI and Chernobyl, nuclear medicine, food irradiation, transport of nuclear materials, spent fuel, nuclear weapons, global warming.


Biofuels Encyclopedias

Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2012.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
This major reference work is arranged according to the most important themes in the field (Photovoltaic Technology; Wind Energy Technology; Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology; Biomass and Biofuels Production; Hydropower Applications; Solar Thermal Systems: Components and Applications; Geothermal Energy; Ocean Energy).

Biofuels Handbooks

Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
This handbook is written to assist the reader in understanding the options that available for the production of synthetic fuel from biological sources. The fuels considered include conventional and unconventional fuel sources; the production and properties of fuels from biomass, crops, wood, domestic and industrial waste and landfill gas.
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, c2007.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » TP318 .L388 2007
In addition to enabling a clean and energy efficient future, alternative fuel sources are fast becoming a necessity for meeting today's growing demands for low-cost and convenient energy. This handbook offers a thorough guide to the science and available technologies for developing alternatives to petroleum fuel sources and petrochemical feed stocks.
Oxford ; Philadelphia : Woodhead Pub., 2011.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
This book provides a comprehensive and systematic reference on the range of biomass conversion processes and technology. Part one reviews the key issues in the biofuels production chain, Part two reviews chemical and biochemical conversion, Part three reviews thermal and thermo-chemical conversion, and Part four reviews developments in the integration of biofuels production.
London ; Sterling, VA : Earthscan, 2008.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » TP339 .H36 2008
This unique handbook presents both the theory and application of biomass combustion and co-firing, from basic principles to industrial combustion and environmental impact, in a clear and comprehensive manner. It offers a solid grounding on biomass combustion, and advice on improving combustion systems.
Synthetic Fuels Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the benefits and trade-offs of numerous alternative fuels, presenting expert analyses of the different properties, processes, and performance characteristics of each fuel. It discusses the concept systems and technology involved in the production of fuels on both industrial and individual scales.


Encyclopedias and major reference works

Amsterdam ; Boston : Academic Press : imprint of Elsevier, c2009.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
A interdisciplinary reference for those working with batteries, fuel cells, electrolyzers, supercapacitors, and photo-electrochemical cells.
Weinheim : Cambridge : Wiley-VCH, 2002-
Chemistry & ChemEng Library (Swain) » Reference » QD553 .E53 2002
Electrochemical processes play an increasingly large role in our daily lives; whether in producing or saving energy, rust protection or nerve stimuli in our bodies. This 11 volume encyclopedia provides both an easy introduction to all topics related to modern electrochemistry as well as a comprehensive overview of the subject.


2nd ed. New York : M. Dekker, c2003.
Engineering Library (Terman) » Stacks » TK2901 .B393 2003
This practical reference remains the most comprehensive guide to the fundamental theories, techniques, and strategies utilized for battery operation and design.
7th ed. Morgantown, WV : U.S. Dept. of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory, [2004]
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
This Handbook provides a foundation in fuel cells for persons wanting a better understanding of the technology, its benefits, and the systems issues that influence its application. It includes thermodynamics of fuel cells, and the five major fuel cell types and their performance (polymer electrolyte, alkaline, phosphoric acid, molten carbonate, and solid oxide fuel cell).
1st ed. Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier, 2007.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
This handbook serves as a source of electrochemical information, providing details of experimental considerations, representative calculations, and illustrations of the possibilities available in electrochemical experimentation. The book is divided into five parts: Fundamentals, Laboratory Practical, Techniques, Applications, and Data.
3rd ed. New York : McGraw-Hill, c2002.
Engineering Library (Terman) » Stacks » TK2901 .H36 2002
Covers the field from the tiniest batteries yet devised for life-critical applications to the large batteries required for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.
Chichester, England ; New York : Wiley, c2003-2009.
Engineering Library (Terman) » Stacks » TK2931 .H36 2003 V.1
This handbook covers fundamentals, principles and the current state-of-the-art in fuel cells. It is divided into four main themes: (1) Fundamentals and Survey of Systems (2) Fuel Cell Electrocatalysis (3) Fuel Cell Technology and Applications, and (4) Advances in Electrocatalysis, Materials, Diagnostics and Durability.
4th ed. New York : McGraw-Hill, [2011]
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Provides authoritative coverage of the characteristics, properties, and performance of every major battery type.
Weinheim ; Chichester : Wiley-VCH, 2009-<2011>
Chemistry & ChemEng Library (Swain) » Stacks » QD553 .S65 2009 V.1
The only comprehensive handbook on this important and rapidly developing topic combines fundamental information with a brief overview of recent advances in solid state electrochemistry.


Solar Encyclopedias

Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2012.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
This major reference work is arranged according to the most important themes in the field (Photovoltaic Technology; Wind Energy Technology; Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology; Biomass and Biofuels Production; Hydropower Applications; Solar Thermal Systems: Components and Applications; Geothermal Energy; Ocean Energy).

Solar Handbooks

Fully revised and updated, the 2nd edition of this handbook incorporates the substantial technological advances and research developments in photovoltaics since its previous release. All topics relating to the photovoltaic (PV) industry are discussed with contributions by distinguished international experts in the field.
2nd ed. Waltham, MA : Academic Press, c2012.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » eResource
This handbook will be a 'benchmark' publication for those involved in the design, manufacture and use of these devices. It covers the principles of solar cell function, the raw materials, photovoltaic systems, standards, calibration, testing, economics and case studies.