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Introduction to Film Studies

FILMSTUD 4 - Winter 2014 - Instructor: Levi, P.
Last Updated: 2-Mar-2015

This guide is designed to help students research their course papers for FILM STUDIES 4, Introduction to Film Studies. The Research Skills section to the left provides a good introduction to basic research procedures. Under the Table of Contents section you will find specific resources for this class including databases and an online citation style resource and citation tips.

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Suggested databases

Chicago Manual of Style

Included below are tips for finding the Chicago citation style in SearchWorks and in database citations. A link to the Chicago Manual of Style ebook is included below.

1. Finding citation style references in SearchWorks: Once you have retrieved a search result and are examining individual records in SearchWorks (click on the title within a results listing to get to that record), note that there is a "Cite this" link above the title. Click on the link to see the proper Chicago bibliography style for that title. Similarly, if you use the "Select" box to save records, when you click on the "Selected Items" link to see the titles you've marked, a "Cite items" link appears above your saved items and shows the proper citation style for the works you've saved.

2. Finding citation style references in databases: Both the Ebsco (Historical Abstracts and America, History and Life) and Proquest (Artbibliographies Modern) interfaces have similar "Cite this" links.

3. Additional examples of how to cite literature using Chicago: The Duke University Art Library has created a Style Examples in Every Format for Art History on how to cite various types of art literature using the Chicago style, giving the citations in both the bibliography and footnote form. Purdue University's Chicago style guide also provides examples for both the bibliography and footnote form, as well as a more general introduction to the Chicago bibliography style.

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In particular, Chapters 14 and 15 provide all the details in preparing your bibliography and notes.