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Lathrop Library


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1st floor

Tech Lounge

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Tech Lounge


This study area offers 22 dual-boot Mac/Windows computers, color and grayscale printers, laptop-support displays, group study areas, moveable furniture, wide-screen monitors, and projection systems.

The Tech Desk provides access to a wide variety of multimedia equipment and accessories available for checkout, including DSLRs, tripods, video cameras, iPads, Apple laptops, and projectors.

Additionally, students who work at the Tech Desk can answer a wide variety of image, audio, and video editing questions. You can also ask them for quick fixes regarding your laptop (though in-depth or more complex questions should be directed to your RCC).

The Tech Lounge also contains several "Creation Stations," which are high-end media machines for Stanford affiliates, featuring production equipment and software. A fleet of 8-Core Mac Pro towers come fully loaded with Apple Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4, Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection (CS5.5), and a variety of other software packages for image, audio, and video editing. Also available are flatbed scanners with auto-document feeders, an analog-to-digital conversion station, and dual-monitor displays, and Wacom Cintiqs for creative work.

Students and faculty interested in the maker space, create:space, will find Cricut cutting machines, a 3D scanner, 3D printers, and other hands-on tools and equipment for design and other creative exploits.


color printer
oversize/poster printer
Stanford-only computer

Place to Study

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Stanford-only computer