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“GIS Flourishes at Stanford University”



The GIS Lab at Branner Earth Sciences Library

A recent article published on the Esri website speaks of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support team within the Earth Sciences Library & Map Collections (Branner), and how the use of GIS has progressively grown and expanded over the years, specifically here at Stanford.

In the article, Patricia Carbajales geospatial manager, speaks about the various resources provided by the GIS support team and attributes growth in GIS because of these outreach efforts, which include: workshops, over 80 conducted this past year alone; training sessions, a number of them specifically on the ArcGIS feature; research consultations and support; and the GIS Day celebration, where speakers show/tell how GIS is used all across campus.

Check out the complete Esri article, GIS Flourishes at Stanford University, written by Jim Baumann.

For more information about the GIS department, visit their website at:

by Kelly Fields

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March 9, 2016