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Welcome to Liisi Eglit, Assistant Curator for Estonian and Baltic Studies



It is a pleasure to announce the arrival of Liisi Eglit as our new Assistant Curator for Estonian and Baltic Studies. She began work on January 22.

Liisi is a graduate of the University of Tartu, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of History and Archaeology, with a Master’s Degree in Estonian History. Her MA thesis was on Estonian soldiers’ war experience during World War I. She is working on her Ph.D. in the same department.

During her studies, Liisi also worked for a few years at the National Archives of Estonia, most recently as the manager of a map digitization project.

Liisi’s position is a new one for SUL, funded by an endowment from Walter P. and Olga Ritso Kistler. Her work for the new Olga Ritso Kistler Collection and Exhibit Program on Estonia and Related Regions will also include collaborating on exhibitions with the Museum of Occupations in Tallinn, Estonia, also funded by the couple.

For more on the program and the endowment, see Cynthia Haven’s article “Stanford takes Estonia’s Museum of Occupations Under its Wing,” Stanford Report, September 21, 2011, A plaque in Green Library’s rotunda celebrates our receipt of this endowment in December 2010.

Liisi’s office is 331B Green Library, right outside the McDermott Suite.


by Karen A Rondestvedt

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