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We are very excited to introduce to you a new feature/link on the SUL News page! A newspaper icon with a "Submit a news article" link now resides at the top, left hand side of the News page. This link puts all SUL staff who possess a SUNet ID one step away from submitting an article to the News page. You no longer need to have "content creator" status on the SUL website in order to submit an article; you need only to possess a SUNet ID and relevant news for our website visitors. Once an article has been submitted, it will be placed in the moderation queue and will be published usually within 24 hours of receipt.

Wait! Before you jump into article submission mode, all SUL web content contributors are required to familiarize themselves with the Content Creation Guide. The guide provides general and specific guidelines on creating content for the SUL website, including SUL preferred styles, formatting, image use, overall best practices, and much more. See section 6 of the guide as it pertains specifically to News items.

To contribute to the News page, simply click the Submit a news article link on our News page and fill out the required fields in the News form. Once you are satisfied with your article, click Save.

Users with "content creator" status will see a slightly different form and will have to make sure the Moderation state is set to "Needs Review" and then click Save. (Note: editors will not be able to publish, or even view, your article if your article is in "Draft" mode.)

Also, of special note, all images included with your article must include a caption and credit, no exceptions.

For more information or questions, please email

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by Kelly Fields

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March 9, 2016