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Wikipedia Editor Jake Orlowitz discusses the growth and maintenance of this major resource



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Date: Wednesday, Mar 12
Time: 2:00-3:30 pm
Location: LKSC Room #LK102

Speaker: Jake Orlowitz, Wikipedia editor/administrator

Wikipedia’s Jake Orlowitz, a content editor and administrator, will be speaking on a wide range of issues relating to Wikipedia, the immensely popular and enormous web-based “encyclopedia.”  Topics will include: scale and scope; neutrality and debate; verification of information; bias; content gaps, and more.

Registration: Free to all Stanford folks:

Description: Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia created in human history, is the world's most popular reference work. New research demonstrates it's now the leading source of biomedical information for health professionals.  Discussion topics will include:

  • Systemic bias and content gaps (e.g. women in science)
  • Wikipedia's scale and scope
  • Wikipedia's consensus model
  • Wikipedia's core policies and open copyright
  • The Wikipedia Library, access to research
  • Wiki Project Medicine, improving content and translation efforts
  • Playful, human approaches to engaging and retaining editors
  • Wikipedia's role in higher education
By Christopher Stave, Lane Medical Library

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