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Concierge: Behind-the-Scenes tour of "The Circle of the Sun" exhibit - Encore Presentation



Concierge Keys

If you missed the tours during the week of March 17th, this opportunity is for you!

Concierge Behind-the-Scenes is pleased to offer an additional tour of the current exhibition, The Circle of the Sun: Secular Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts.

Becky Fischbach will talk about where ideas for exhibits originate and how they are selected and scheduled to suit the key objectives of the overall exhibits program.

David Jordan will then lead a tour of The Circle of the Sun, introducing staff to the Libraries’ medieval manuscript holdings by framing them not only in the context of the making of this particular exhibit but also in their ongoing use in seminars, workshops, faculty research, digitization projects, and community outreach.

The tour is limited to twelve participants and will begin at the oak table in the Rotunda.  A waiting list will be kept and additional times added if there is sufficient interest.

  • Friday, March 28, 10:00 a.m.

For more information, visit the "Library Concierge Project (LCP)" site.

by Helen B Josephine

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March 9, 2016