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Two emergency preparedness classes now available



Emergency Preparedness Kit

Would you like to learn how to prepare yourself, your family, and your home to survive the next disaster? The Office of Emergency Management now has two classes on Emergency Preparedness to help you learn about emergency kits, family preparedness plans, fire safety, earthquake preparedness, and more. Both classes are eligible for a berry through the BeWell @ Stanford program (

The class we have been offering for the last few years is Personal Emergency Preparedness (EHS-5090). It is a STAP funded course which may only be taken one time and focuses on earthquakes, mitigation, and basic kit building. It includes either a basic emergency kit or preparedness software for you to take home. Our next class will be Friday, 4/25 at 480 Oak Road. More classes will be posted shortly.

--To register for Personal Emergency Preparedness, click here or go to

Our new class Emergency Preparedness for your Home (EHS-3201) is a free class and may be taken yearly It may be used as a refresher to our original class, Personal Emergency Preparedness or it may be taken as a standalone introduction to Emergency Preparedness. The content of the classes is similar, however the primary focus of each differs. Emergency Preparedness for your Home’s primary focus is on creating a family plan and a disaster kit that will work for earthquakes and infectious disease outbreaks. It includes a handout with recommendations on building your own kit. Currently we have classes scheduled for Friday, 3/21 and Monday, 5/12 in Kissick Auditorium. More classes and locations will be posted soon.

--To register for Emergency Preparedness for your Home, click here or go to


by Mimi Calter

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March 9, 2016