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New SUL staff break room in Green Library opens February 17



Green Library break room

With the lack of a central staff break room in Green Library, the Provost and University provided funds to SUL to establish one. After a search of possible spaces, we found 245E on the 2nd floor of the Green Library east, near the Human Resources (HR) Suite, to be an ideal space. Once we establish occupancy, the central staff break room will be open to all SUL staff, DTZ janitorial staff, and the staff at Coupa Café.

We're asking all SUL staff to join us for cake to celebrate the opening of the new break room. The opening celebration will be on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 2pm

Access -Access into the room is through two LENEL card readers using your programmed SUID cards. SUL Facilities will control access permissions. Once the break room opens, please let facilities know if your card doesn’t work and we can grant you access.

Kitchen (Room 245F) – The room also features a small kitchenette that measures approximately 7 feet by 6.5 feet or 46 square feet. We've added a new counter top with an inlayed sink. We've installed a large refrigerator/freezer combo (33 inch bottom freezer refrigerator with freezer drawer) and two microwaves (1.3 cu. ft. 1000W Countertop Microwave Oven, in stainless steel) for your convenience. We've also provided filtered water, coffee, and tea service. We are going green so we ask that you provide your own covered cup/mug in order to partake in these services.

Dining Area (Room 245E) – The new GE staff break room dining area measures approximately 29.5 feet by 12 feet or 354 square feet. The dining room consists of a seating area with soft seating and various chairs surrounding 4 café style tables. This room also features a large window-view that overlooks the Shumway fountain and will face a new open “park” area that will take the place of the Meyer footprint once its demo is complete. Room occupancy of the room will be 24.

Green Library break room

Green Library break room kitchenette

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