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SUL coordination on public printing



I am pleased to announce that LisaMarie Hall will now be the SUL service coordinator for the public print/copy/scan service provided by VPTL. In this role LisaMarie will focus on the operational and communication aspects across SUL for this VPTL service. There are a few key areas where LisaMarie will be able to better streamline and improve coordination across SUL and between SUL and VPTL.

In particular, LisaMarie will:

  • coordinate service operational processes (e.g., how toner or supplies are distributed) so that SUL processes make sense for both Green as well as SERG and PS branch libraries;
  • act as the official SUL liaison for service feedback to VPTL so that we can ensure we’re tracking progress on each concern;
  • ensure that changes to the service/outages or best practices are communicated either by VTPL to key SUL staff; and
  • take over Kelly Fields’ role for developing SUL-specific signage and documentation meant to supplement VPTL materials.
While LisaMarie will focus on the operational aspects of this service, Matt Marostica (with input from Bob Schwarzwalder) will be responsible for policy-level decisions about this service as well as communicating SUL service prioritization to VPTL.
In order to provide a cleaner communication going forward, we are making adjustments to the email distribution lists:
  • is the internal SUL communication forum where any staff in a public service role can send questions/concerns/make suggestions about the service. This will be a very operationally-oriented list which LisaMarie will own.
  • allows SUL staff to see the service issues that are submitted to VPTL, and to see the resolutions of those issue. This list will be cc’d on all service requests sent to VPTL.
As a reminder, please do not send questions/concerns about the print/copy/scan service directly to VPTL staff.  Funneling this communication through LisaMarie makes it makes it easier for us to coordinate and track SUL requests and concerns and enables more efficient and effective communication with our colleagues in VPTL.  
by Mimi Calter

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March 9, 2016