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Building Assessment Team training for 2016 Registration now open!



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The Office of Emergency Management is pleased to announce registration for Building Assessment Team (BAT) training 2016 is now open.  Class will be held March 24th in Tresidder’s Oak Lounge from 1PM-4:15PM. Click here to go to STARS to REGISTER FOR 2016 NEW BAT TRAINING! 

Stanford’s Building Assessment Team is a volunteer response organization that assists the University post-earthquake to assess the condition of University buildings. This year marks a change in the BAT reporting structure that will be introduced at the March training.  BAT members work as part of teams that will now be assigned to geographical zones on the Stanford campus instead of individual DOCs.  The BATs collect and report a variety of information about buildings in their respective zones.   BAT members only conduct external assessments of building damage. At no time are they asked to enter buildings. The information collected by BATs allows the University Emergency Management Team to evaluate the campus condition, make critical decisions and distribute limited resources more effectively. These BATs play a key role in collecting information needed by both Department Operations Centers and the University Emergency Operations Center. As Stanford increases its BAT resources, the University will be in a better position to communicate information about the condition of buildings across campus.

Individuals do not need to have any specific knowledge or training to qualify for this program—both active faculty and staff can volunteer.  The training provides the tools and the instruction on how to conduct an effective assessment.  It is important to note that BATs are asked to make sure they have effective personal emergency preparedness plans and are in good personal health so they can respond to the University as soon as possible after an earthquake to assist with building assessments. Each individual should also give careful consideration to their priorities during an emergency when it comes to personal family, local community organizations, and local department/DOC responsibilities when volunteering as a BAT. BAT resources are needed out in the field as soon as personal issues are taken care of and it’s safe to travel to campus. If your priority is to support your local department/DOC, it may not be appropriate for you to join the BAT team.

If you are aware of any individuals who are interested in emergency preparedness and would be willing to volunteer for this program, please encourage them to attend our new BAT training session. This training is free of charge. All needed supplies are provided.

New Building Assessment Team Training
Thursday, March 24th
Tresidder Union, Oak Lounge
Registration open 12:30-1pm, Class is from 1pm – 4:15pm

All registration is being conducted through STARS.  Click here to REGISTER FOR 2016 NEW BAT TRAINING! 

Please contact Keith Perry if you have any questions and thank you for your support of the University Emergency Management program.

(Please contact Mimi Calter with Library specific questions.)

Keith A. Perry
Emergency Manager, Stanford University
Ph: 650-725-1409, cell: 650-444-4247


by Mimi Calter

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