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Early morning surprise in Lathrop Library



Lathrop Window

El Niño storms of the weekend of March 5-6 not only brought lots of rain and wind, but also provided early arrivals in Lathrop Library with a surprise when they entered the staff room on Monday morning, March 7th.

Most likely, due to the strong winds, one of the outside tables' large canvas umbrellas had flown into a window and broken it, leaving glass strewn over the floor along with the wooden knob from the top of the umbrella. Signs were put up to warn staff of broken glass. Some initial cleanup was done by Brigitte Burnham and custodial staff to consolidate the hazard.

Library Facilities was notified and repairs are underway!

Lathrop Library staff room with broken window  Broken window at Lathrop Library

By Brian Kunde

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March 9, 2016