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25 years of TIPS



The Stanford TIPS (Team to Improve Productivity at Stanford) Group is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. The celebration got off to a great start on September 19th with IT Services and BeWell presenting at the monthly meeting.

Jo-Ann Cuvas from IT Services presented project updates., a document management and sharing platform, is actively in use by departments across campus. To incorporate feedback from initial users, IT Services hopes to launch workgroups within Workgroups allow accounts to be established that are unrelated to a specific SunetID. The benefits to Workgroups are that the data is retained as long as the workgroup link exists and all members of the workgroup are co-owners (they all have read, write, and share access). Storage rates for Workgroups are currently being defined and is under evaluation by SUL's Emerging Technology Team. For questions on using this technology please contact Deni Wicklund at or Ronnie Fields at

While there is currently no plan in place for moving staff and faculty to gmail, there is the option for staff and faculty to use Google Apps for Education. This includes the ability to log in with your Stanford Credentials to gain access to Google Drive (and Docs), Google Groups for Business, Google Sites and Google Contacts. More information regarding the log in process and additional details can be found at:

Lastly it was announced that the Information Security Office developed training videos focusing on data handling - specifically confidential, restricted and prohibited data. Later this quarter faculty, staff, and affiliates will be contacted about watching a required 12 minute training video developed by the Information Security Office.

Wes Alles, PhD Director of Health Improvement Program for Stanford, presented about the past, present and future of the BeWell Program.

The Health Improvement Program (HIP) at Stanford has offered programs to staff, faculty and retirees since 1983. Currently they offer more than 900 programs a year.
Not only do they help others achieve their wellness goals, they set goals for themselves.
The BeWell Program Goals are:

  1. Enhance the existing culture of wellness for the Stanford community.
  2. Improve and maintain a high quality work life balance for all faculty, staff and students.
  3. Improve the health and wellbeing of all Stanford faculty, staff, students, family members and retirees.

Visit to learn more about all they have to offer.

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