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Concierge 7: Academic Computing Services Support for Faculty Research and Teaching-available spaces in Friday sessions!



Spaces still available for the sessions on Friday, October 19, 10-11am or 3-4pm.

Join your colleagues at the October Library Concierge Program presentations on the Libraries' support for Faculty Research through the ATS (Academic Technology Specialists) Program. Concierge 4 covered support for Digital Humanities research and teaching. In Concierge 7, you will learn about support for social science research and other disciplines.

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  • Friday, Oct 19th 10-11am and 3-4pm

Vijoy Abraham (ATS for IRiSS), Carlos Seligo (ATS for Humbio) and Claudia Engel (ATS for Anthro) will present an overview of the ATS program using case examples of ATS work with faculty research and teaching and address the question of how to best tap into their expertise within ACS.

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