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Kathleen Gust

Engineering Librarian for Outreach Instruction and Electronic Resources
Kathleen Gust


  • (650) 723-8877

Kathleen's role in the library

I am the liaison to the Materials Science & Engineering and Civil & Environmental Engineering departments of the School of Engineering.  As part of that work, I maintain information guides on relevant topics such as the effect of natural disasters on buildings and civic infrastructure, nanotechnology, and water resources and assist faculty and students with their research.

I present workshops for the PWR program, School of Engineering classes and the larger campus community on library research tools and processes.  I'm always delighted to participate in class or study sessions for School of Engineering Faculty, TAs and student groups.  Let me know if I can help you!

I maintain the digital events board and events RSS feed for the Terman Engineering Library.

Topic Guides by Kathleen

Guide Last Updated Subject tag
Concrete and cement 2015-07-06 Civil engineering
Earthquake resources for civil engineers 2014-07-30 Civil engineering
Civil engineering resources 2015-10-23 Civil engineering
Environmental engineering resources 2015-02-12 Environmental engineering, Environmental studies
Materials science and engineering resources 2014-07-30 Materials science and engineering
Geothermal engineering resources 2015-03-03 Energy resource engineering, Environmental engineering
Green building resources 2015-11-17 Civil engineering, Environmental engineering
Nano 2014-11-27 Chemistry, Nanoscience and nanotechnology, Chemical engineering, Materials science and engineering
Patents 2016-02-05 Chemistry, Engineering
Physical properties of materials 2015-04-07 Materials science and engineering, Mechanical design, Mechanical engineering
Water and wastewater resources 2015-12-07 Earth systems, Environmental engineering
Science and engineering technical reports 2014-07-30 Engineering
Commercial product information 2015-11-17 Industrial engineering, Management science and engineering
Grants and funding for science & engineering 2014-09-23 Aquatic studies, Biology, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Engineering, Environmental studies, Mathematics and statistics, Physics and astronomy
Architectural construction and design 2015-11-17 Architecture, Civil engineering
Putting content on e-readers 2015-05-29 Digital collections
Software Help for Engineers 2015-02-04 Computers and computing, Computer science, Software, Engineering, Mathematics and statistics
Statistical Analysis Resources 2015-09-30 Engineering, Mathematics and statistics

Course Guides by Kathleen

Course number Term Guide Instructor
PWR 1CR Spring 2014 Writing nature: discourses in ecology, culture, and technology Ross, C.
ENGR 202W Autumn, Winter, Spring ENGR 202W: Technical writing Harrison, K
MATSCI-81N Fall MATSCI 81N: Bioengineering materials to heal the body Heilshorn, S.
PWR 2CR Winter 2016 Communicating science Ross, C.
PWR 1GWS Winter 2013 Body politics: the rhetoric of transhumanism Shephard, A.
CEE 178/276 Spring 2015 CEE 178/276 Human exposure analysis Kopperud, R.
PWR 1GIY Spring 2015 Jekylls and Hydes: Rhetoric of the Scientist Yamboliev, I.
PWR 1JM Winter 2014 The rhetoric of the startup McEntire, J.
PWR 2ST Fall 2014 Science, Democracy and Social Media Starkman, R.
PWR 1IY Winter 2016 Rhetorics of Travel and Tourism Yamboliev, I.

Professional activities

  • Special Libraries Association, Silicon Valley Chapter President - 2011
  • Special Libraries Association, Silicon Valley Chapter Treasurer - 2013-2014

More about Kathleen

As a native of the American southwest, I am particularly interested in water issues and the environmental concerns of arid regions.  I also spent several years of my career in a high-tech industry library supporting new product research and innovation in many different fields from computing algorithms to optics and photonics.


Master of Library Science (MLS), University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
B.A., Speech Communications/Fine Arts, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ