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[London] : Royal Society of Chemistry
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"Items in Analytical Abstracts fall into three main categories: Journal articles, technical reports, and books. More than 250 key international journals are scanned regularly by the Analytical Abstracts editorial team. Over 75% of the original material is published in English, with other major languages being French and German, Russian and other eastern European languages, Chinese, and Japanese." Updated monthly. Covers 1980-present.
Palo Alto, Calif. : Annual Reviews, Inc.
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Annual Reviews publishes authoritative, analytic reviews in 42 focused disciplines within the Biomedical, Physical, and Social Sciences. Annual Reviews publications are among the most highly cited in scientific literature. Updated continuously, covers 1932-present.
[New York?] : Thomson Reuters.
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Biosis is a comprehensive source for life sciences and biomedical research from nearly 6,000 life sciences journals plus abstracts from meetings, books and patents. Search options include using taxonomy, MeSH, CAS registry numbers, Sequence Databank Numbers, and Major Concepts. Updated weekly, covers 1926--present. Cited reference searching finds more recent works that cite an earlier document of interest
Book Citation Index - circle view
[New York, N.Y.] : Thomson Reuters.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
The Book Citation Index is designed to enhance the powerful discovery and analysis capabilities of Web of Science by incorporating comprehensive book citation data and enabling researchers to search across books, journals and proceedings. Books are indexed at the chapter level, resulting in improved searches and deeper insights into the citing behavior between books and the wider world of scholarly research. Content for the Book Citation Index is comprised of scholarly books, both electronic and print, that present fully referenced articles of original research or reviews of the literature, and has been carefully selected based on well-defined criteria to offer the most significant literature available. The index contains more than 40,000 books, with 10,000 new books added each year. Covers 2005-present.
[Villeurbanne Cedex, France]: Institut de Recherches sur la Catalyse,
Chemistry & ChemEng Library (Swain) » Serials » Shelved by title 2009:NO.5-8
"The objective of these Notebooks is to ensure the widest possible dissemination of notable results in Organometallic Chemistry, to suggest new opportunities for research, and to aid in teaching. Written in English since 1985, they contains extracts of recent publications and give schematic representations of results in the application of organometallic compounds in organic synthesis and homogeneous catalysis, new organometallic reactions, or new aspects of bioinorganic and materials chemistry."
Chemistry & ChemEng Library (Swain) » Permanent reserve » QD921 .C36 2015
"The CSD is the world repository of small molecule crystal structures. Stanford has a license to the web version of CSD which is updated weekly. We also have a site license for the Cambridge Crystallographic Database System, Mercury, DASH, Hermes, and SuperStar. (Structure Searching)
[Hamilton, Ont. : Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, 1999?-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
Includes a collection of databases related to occupational health and safety: Material Safety Data Sheets, CHEMINFO (safety info for important workplace chemicals), CHEMpendium (metasearch for chemical hazard information from many sources), Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances, and OSH References (index to literature).
Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2002-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » QD501 .C37 F 2009
"Offers graphical abstracts of new developments in catalysis. Coverage includes all areas of catalysis research, including homogeneous, heterogeneous and biocatalysis with emphasis on current growth areas such as chiral catalysts, polymerisation catalysts, enzymatic catalysts and clean catalytic methods. Provides fast and effective access to the latest research. Each item is indexed by Authors, Products, Reactants and Catalysts, Catalyst Type and Reaction Type."
Nottingham : Royal Society of Chemistry
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Covers health and safety issues for all sectors of the chemical industries. The scientific and trade literature are scanned for information on safety and health hazards surrounding chemicals encountered in the chemical and related industries, with over 250 items published online every month. Coverage includes: health and safety; chemical and biological hazards; disposal, storage and transportation; industrial hazards; waste management; plant safety and best practice; legislation; emergency planning; and protective equipment. Searchable by chemical name or bibliographic data.
Bethesda, MD : National Library of Medicine, [1999?]-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
"ChemIDplus provides access to structure and nomenclature authority files used for the identification of chemical substance cited in National Library of Medicine (NLM) databases. ChemIDplus also provides structure searching and direct links to many biomedical resources at NLM and on the Internet for chemicals of interest. The database contains chemical records, chemical structures, and is searchable by name, synonym, CAS registry number, molecular formula, classification code, locator code, and structure. ChemIDplus is searchable through TOXNET's Toxicology data search. ChemIDplus advanced allows chemical structure and biological/chemical property searching to be done." (Structure Searching)
[München, Germany] : Info-Chem.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
"Chemisches Zentralblatt is the first and oldest abstracts journal published in the field of chemistry. It covers the chemical literature from 1830 to 1969, describing the "birth" of chemistry as science, compared to alchemy. In 140 years Chemisches Zentralblatt published 900,000 pages: 700,000 contain around two million abstracts and 200,000 are indexes. InfoChem performed automatic chemical named entity recognition of Chemisches Zentralblatt, creating a structure searchable database that offers language independent search in this relevant historical source." (Structure Searching)
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Updated daily, Current Contents Connect is a multidisciplinary current awareness web resource providing access to complete bibliographic information of the world's leading scholarly journals.   It provides complete tables of contents and bibliographic information, including abstracts, from about 8,000 journals, 2,000 books, and 7,000 scholarly web sites.  It includes pre-published electronic journal articles and links to the full text.   Database coverage: 1998 to the present.  For more information, please see Fact sheet, Quick Reference Card, and recorded training.
Data Citation Index
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
"Access an array of data across subjects and regions, providing a comprehensive picture of research output to understand data in context and maximize research efforts.  The Data Citation Index on the Web of Knowledge platform provides a single point of access to quality research data from repositories across disciplines and around the world."  For more information, please see Data Citation Index now available
[Philadelphia] : Institute for Scientific Informtion, [1999?]-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
"Using information from 41 patent-issuing authorities, DII facilitates rapid, precise patent searching, letting you conduct patent and citation searches of inventions in chemical, electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering. Descriptive titles and indexing have been added. Find “equivalent” patents published in a language you can read. Also contains both citing and cited patents and literature references, allowing users to move both forward and backward in time from a selected patent. Updated weekly, covers 1963-present." (Structure Searching)
Engineering Village
Hoboken, N.J. : Elsevier Engineering Information, Inc.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
Engineering Village is an information discovery platform that includes access to two databases at Stanford. Compendex (Computerized Engineering Index) is the most comprehensive bibliographic database of scientific and technical engineering research available, covering all engineering disciplines. It includes millions of bibliographic citations and abstracts from thousands of engineering journals and conference proceedings. When combined with the Engineering Index Backfile (1884-1969), Compendex covers well over 120 years of core engineering literature.
[New York] : John Wiley & Sons, c2001-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
"This on-line work utilizes the full potential of the web by allowing alphanumeric searches through e-EROS and across all Wiley products, and by allowing chemical structure, substructure and reaction searching straight from a chemist's desktop. It contains a database of around 70,000 reactions and around 4000 of the most frequently consulted reagents and is fully searchable by structure and substructure, reagent, reaction type, experimental conditions etc. and allows sophisticated full text searches. e-EROS offers a systematic and exhaustive coverage of reagents used in organic synthesis. The Editorial Board are keeping e-EROS up-to-date by regularly adding new reagents and catalysts, and by updating existing articles whenever felt necessary. The A to Z listing covers classical reagents, new "designer" reagents and catalysts." (Structure Searching)
[Place of publication not identified] : European Patent Office.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
"Espacenet's worldwide database enables you to search for information about published patent applications from over 90 different countries and regions. Espacenet offers free access to more than 80 million patent documents worldwide--most of them patent applications rather than granted patents--from 1836 to today. Patent applications normally represent the first publication of a new idea, appearing ahead of journal articles and before new products reach the market. It is possible to print and download full-text documents."
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[Mountain View, Calif.] : Google.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
Google Book Search is a tool that searches the full text of books that Google scans and stores in its digital database. It provides online access to full text of public domain and out-of-copyright books, reproduced either from text provided by publishers or by the libraries. In Google Book Search, the user may view pages from the book, find out 'more about this book', examine content-related advertisements, and use links to the publisher's web site and booksellers. For books under copyright, Google limits the number of viewable pages and attempts to prevent page print and text copying.
[S.l.] : Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, [199-]-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
Provides a survey of recent work relating to public health, safety, and industrial hygiene. Cited studies are geared to help individuals identify, evaluate, and eliminate or control risks and hazards across the spectrum of environmental and occupational situations. The database provides perspectives on topics of widespread concern such as aviation and aerospace safety, environmental safety, nuclear safety, medical safety occupational safety, and ergonomics. Health and safety related aspects of pollution, waste disposal, radiation, pesticides, epidemics, and other phenomena having the potential to threaten the public, the environment, or the workplace itself are indexed here. The database indexes government reports as well as journal articles, conference proceedings, books, and other publications.
Bethesda, MD : Specialized Information Services, U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Dept. of Health & Human Services.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
Links over 4,000 consumer brands to health effects from Material Safety Data Sheets provided by the manufacturers.   Records for each product contain a physical description of the product, its purpose, the manufacturer with address and telephone numbers, health effects, safe handling and disposal information, and ingredients from the product's label and/or Material Safety Data Sheets.
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Karlsruhe : Fachinformationszentrum ; Gaithersburg : NIST,
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
"ICSD (Inorganic Crystal Structure Database) is the world's largest comprehensive database on the complete structural information for crystalline inorganic compounds. The data are carefully evaluated from relevant scientific literature. Besides the bibliographic information each dataset contains compound name, molecular formula, as well as space group, unit cell parameters, atomic coordinates and temperature factors."
[United States] : Institution of Electrical Engineers, INSPEC service, [19--]-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
Provides a comprehensive index to the published literature in physics, electrical/electronic engineering, computing, control engineering, information technology, production, manufacturing and mechanical engineering as well as materials science, oceanography, nuclear engineering, geophysics, biomedical engineering and biophysics. Coverage begins in 1898.
Version 1.0. [S.l.] : Distributed by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Measurement Services Division, 2003.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
"These solubilities are compiled from 18 volumes of the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry(IUPAC)-NIST Solubility Data Series. The database includes liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, and gas-liquid systems. Typical solvents and solutes include water, seawater, heavy water, inorganic compounds, and a variety of organic compounds such as hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohols, acids, esters and nitrogen compounds. There are over 67,500 solubility measurements and over 1800 references."
Journal Citation Reports - JCR 2013
[Philadelphia, Pa.] : Institute for Scientific Information, c1999-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
Journal Citation Reports® offers a systematic, objective means to critically evaluate the world's leading journals, with quantifiable, statistical information based on citation data. By compiling articles' cited references, JCR Web helps to measure research influence and impact at the journal and category levels, and shows the relationship between citing and cited journals. Available in Science and Social Sciences editions. With JCR, authors and editors can identify the most appropriate, influential journals in which to publish, and researchers can discover where to find the current reading list in their respective fields. Journal Citation Reports Product Information. Journal Citation Reports Training.
Nottingham, England : Royal Society of Chemistry
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
This online database provides key information on hazards encountered by laboratory workers in all fields including R&D, analytical and hospital laboratories, scanned from the primary scientific and trade literature worldwide. Coverage includes: chemical and biological hazards; leaks, spills and unplanned releases; hazardous waste management; fires and explosions; safety legislation; precautions and safe practices; occupational health and hygiene monitoring; and protective equipment.
Nottingham, England : Royal Society of Chemistry, 1984-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » QD262 .M48 2009:NO.1,3-12
"Methods in Organic Synthesis (MOS) is an alerting service covering the most important current developments in organic synthesis. It is designed with the synthetic organic chemist in mind, providing informative reaction schemes and covering new reactions and new methods. The service covers such topics as: New reactions and reagents, Functional group changes, The introduction of chiral centres, and Enzyme and biological transformations."
Nottingham, UK : Royal Society of Chemistry, c1987-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » QD415 .A1 N372 2009
"Natural Product Updates (NPU) provides graphical abstracts of new developments in natural product chemistry, selected from dozens of key primary journals. Coverage includes: Isolation studies, Biosynthesis, New natural products, Known compounds from new sources, Structure determinations, and New properties and biological activities."
Organic Reactions (online version)
New York : John Wiley & Sons, 1942-
Chemistry & ChemEng Library (Swain) » Reference (non-circulating) » QD251 .O7 V.86 2015
"Uniquely focuses on 200,000+ of the most important and useful synthetic reactions. Organic Reactions is a comprehensive collection of important synthetic reactions, together with a critical discussion of the reaction and tables that organize all published examples of the topic reactions. Chapters that focus on reactions of current interest are solicited by the board of editors from leading chemists worldwide. The publication process entails a comprehensive peer-review process, ensuring the high quality and attention to detail for which this series is noted. Comprehensive coverage of all examples of a given reaction is provided in tabular form. In addition to providing reaction scope, stereochemical aspects, and side reactions, a selection of representative experimental conditions are given. Online access covers Vol. 25, 1977-present. Also see: Organic Reactions Wiki to view pre-production chapters and condensed versions of published articles."
New York : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1921-
Chemistry & ChemEng Library (Swain) » Reference (non-circulating) » QD262 .O723 V.91 2014
"Organic Syntheses describes checked and edited experimental procedures, spanning a broad range of synthetic methodologies, and provides chemists with a compendium of new or little known experimental procedures which lead to useful compounds or that illustrate important new developments in methodology. For every procedure, safety warnings are presented along with detailed descriptions for the preparation, purification, and identification of the compound in question. Additionally, special reaction conditions are detailed, along with the source of reagents, helpful waste disposal guidelines, discussions of results, references to the primary literature, and an appendix of nomenclature and registry numbers. The print version was published in Annual volumes and Collective Volumes. Online access covers, Vol. 1, 1921-present." (Structure Searching)
Pharmaceutical Substances
Stuttgart ; New York : Thieme Chemistry, 2003-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
Version 3.8 features 32 new APIs and a total of 35,358 structures, 11,289 reactions and 2,606 active pharmaceutical ingredients.  Essential for research and process chemists, it includes the full synthetic route for the industrial manufacture of each drug elucidated from the patent literature; unique source of reactions that perform on an industrial scale; readily available overview of the pharmaceutical industry from a synthetic chemist’s perspective; and functionality affords insights into a therapeutic area and chemically related substances. Essential information for product managers, it includes patent information including approval date and expiration; determine market size & competition for an API – essential for development of new and generic pharmaceuticals; source of markets for synthesis intermediates; comprehensive coverage of older APIs and substances approved world-wide; and merger and acquisition tracking ensures that vendor information is up-to-date in a rapidly changing industry.  (Structure Searching)
Bethesda, MD : National Center for Biotechnology Information, [1997]-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
"PubMed comprises over 22 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. PubMed citations and abstracts include the fields of biomedicine and health, covering portions of the life sciences, behavioral sciences, chemical sciences, and bioengineering. PubMed also provides access to additional relevant web sites and links to the other NCBI molecular biology resources. PubMed is a free resource that is developed and maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), located at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)."
[Frankfurt, Germany ; New York, NY] : Elsevier
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
Available via the web, Reaxys Xcelerate contains an extensive repository of experimentally validated data that chemists need including structures, reactions (including multi-step reactions) and physical properties. Reaxys was formed by the merger of three databases: Beilstein Handbook of Organic Chemistry, Gmelin Handbook of Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry, and the Chemistry Patent database. (Structure and Reaction Searching)
Stuttgart ; New York : Thieme.
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
"Science of Synthesis (SoS) provides a critical review of synthetic methodology developed to-date in the fields of organic and organometallic chemistry. Features include: Selection of molecular transformations by world-renowned experts with elaboration on scope and limitations; Full-text descriptions of synthetic methods with practical experimental procedures immediately applicable in the lab; Community of over 1,000 experts involved in the review and updating of methods; Logical organization of the synthetic methods for each functional group; and Intuitive search functions to allow rapid lead generation and route optimization."  Please see Science of Synthesis at Stanford to view online help, learn more about content, and see what's new. (Structure and Reaction Searching)
[Columbus, Ohio : American Chemical Society, Chemical Abstracts Service]
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
SciFinder is the most comprehensive database for coverage of chemistry & chemical engineering. It has the world's largest collection of organic and inorganic substance information. The web version of SciFinder provides integrated access to CAPlus, CAS Registry, CASREACT, CHEMLIST, and CHEMCATS which are produced by Chemical Abstracts Service, and to MEDLINE which is produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Sources covered in SciFinder include 10,000 journals, patents from 63 patent authorities, book chapters, conference proceedings, dissertations, evaluated reference works, technical reports, as well as book reviews and biographical information. (Structure and Reaction Searching)
[New York] : Elsevier, 2004-
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
"Updated daily, Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. It also includes web sources, patents, articles in-press, book series, conference proceedings, and trade publications. Scopus provides international coverage of literature in science, technology, and medicine, and social sciences plus related content in the arts and humanities. 1996-present plus selected coverage back to 1823."
Spectra data base : (UV/Vis+ photochemistry data base)
[Maintal, Germany] : science-softCon, [2010?]
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
The 7th edition of the science-softCon "UV/Vis+ Spectra Data Base" contains about 5600 spectra/data sheets (ascii-format) and additional photochemistry information from published papers of about 900 substances. The data base is subdivided into 27 substance groups.  The database is divided into a Literature Service and a Spectra Service.  The Literature Service provides spectra data sheets with information concerning publications of EUV-VUV-UV-Vis-NIR spectral data and related information (e.g. quantum yield studies, photolysis studies, etc.).  The Spectra Service provides in addition the spectra data (high and low resolution spectra, from low temperatures to high temperatures) in digital form, graphical representations of the spectral data, and additional photochemical information.
München : InfoChem GmbH,
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
"SPRESIweb is a web-based retrieval application that provides direct access to the complete content of the SPRESI structure and reaction database. Covering the years 1974 - 2011, this data collection contains 5.52 million compounds, 4.26 million reactions, and 32 million factual data extracted from 675,000 references including 164,000 patents. In the 1970s the All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Academy of Sciences in the USSR (VINITI) in Moscow and the German Zentrale Informationsverarbeitung Chemie (ZIC) in Berlin began to build a chemistry database: SPRESI. The main focus of this data set is organic synthesis, therefore the most important journals in this field are abstracted to include structures, reactions, chemical properties, physical properties, keywords and factual data in the collection." (Structure and Reaction Searching)
"SpringerMaterials is based on the Landolt-Börnstein New Series, the unique, fully evaluated data collection in all areas of physical sciences and engineering. SpringerMaterials also comprises the Dortmund Data Bank Software & Separation Technology, a Database on Thermophysical Properties and the Linus Pauling Files, a Database on Inorganic Solid Phases and chemical safety data. Print copy of Landolt-Bornstein is available at the Swain Library." (Structure Searching)
Synthetic Reaction Updates
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
"To respond to the growing interdisciplinary nature of research in the chemical sciences, RSC discontinued Catalysts & Catalysed Reactions and Methods in Organic Synthesis and merged them into a new product – Synthetic Reaction Updates.  Launched in 2015, Synthetic Reaction Updates is a literature updating service keeping you up to date with recent developments in synthetic organic chemistry. Its scope is all synthetic chemistry, with a focus on organic chemistry and interesting transformations of functional groups.  Covering a wide range of primary sources, Synthetic Reaction Updates includes the most important reactions published in the recent scientific literature, presented as easy to read reaction schemes that are searchable by topic and reaction type.  Sign up for weekly or monthly alerts." (Publisher's website)
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
Search over 12,000 core journals across the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities to find the high quality research. Move backward/forward in time using cited/citing reference identified by researchers. Updated weekly, includes Science Citation Index Expanded (1899-present), Social Sciences Citation Index (1898-present), Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1975-present), Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Science (1990-present), Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Social Science & Humanities (1990-present), Book Citation Index (2005-present), Index Chemicus (1993-present), and Current Chemical Reactions (1985-present; also includes Institut National de la Propriete Industrielle structure data back to 1840)). (Structure searching)
Santa Fe, N.M.: Deep Web Technologies
Stanford University Libraries » Online resource » (no call number)
xSearch enables Stanford students and researchers to search multiple resources at one time.  The 250+ resources in xSearch include abstracts and indexes, full-text ejournal and ebook sites, patents, technical reports, reference materials, plus more.