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Interlibrary borrowing

We can help you borrow books, articles, or other materials that Stanford does not have (so be sure to check SearchWorks or consult with a librarian first!). Check to make sure that you're eligible to use interlibrary services and that the materials are eligible to be borrowed.

Request an item

Using Interlibrary Borrowing

Interlibrary Borrowing can help you obtain materials that are unavailable at Stanford, provided they support the teaching, learning, research, or other University-related work of Stanford faculty, students, staff, or visiting scholars. For personal items, please use your public library.

  1. Go to Interlibrary Borrowing and log in with your SUNet ID.
  • A one-time registration is required.
  • Under "New Request," choose the type of item you want to request. Fill in the form, providing as much information about the item as you can.
  • Click "Submit Request."
    • You are responsible for all processing charges (as well as overdue and lost charges).

    Using RLCP

    Stanford faculty, graduate students, and academic staff can borrow directly from UC Berkeley and UT Austin.

    1. Search for your item in the catalogs:
    2. If the item you're requesting is at UT Austin and you've never used RLCP, you'll need to register online. If the item is at UC Berkeley, or you've filled out the registration form before, you can skip this step.
    3. Request the item using the RLCP Request Form.

    If you can't find the item at one library, search the other. If neither has what you need, use the Interlibrary Borrowing procedure above. Interlibrary Borrowing may take longer, but gives you access to materials in hundreds of libraries.