Evaluation Documents Considered by Review Committees

The Evaluation of Teaching Excellence

During the reappointment or promotion review, documentation of teaching efforts may be reviewed by committees at the Department, School, and University.  These may take different forms.

  • Trainee letters (clinical and/or research trainees)
  • Evaluations from clinical trainees (MedHub evaluations from residents and fellows)
  • Course evaluations from classroom teaching
  • Evaluations by medical students (the E*Value system)
  • Clinical teaching component of the Clinical Excellence Evaluations

Most of these will be collected by the departmental adminstrator (trainee letters, MedHub evaluations, clinical excellence forms), with the exception of classroom evaluations, which are the responsibility of the individual faculty member.

Collect and keep teaching evaluations from the attendees at any course you teach.  All classes taught at Stanford should have standard evaluation forms.  For classes outside the Stanford setting, you may wish to create and distribute your own evaluation form in case the course director has not provided one for you.

Keep an up to date list of the names and addresses of your current and former trainees, so that they may be solicited for feedback on your teaching, supervising and mentoring skills.  At the time of a reappointment or promotion review, you must provide any course evaluations you have and a complete list of trainees to your department administrator for use in your long form.

Workshop on The Evaluation of Teaching Excellence