Criteria for Promotion

Promotion to Professor in the University Tenure Line

  • Tenured associate professors have already met the criteria for being not only among the best in their experience cohort in a broadly defined field but also likely to become one of the very best in the field.
  • In order to be promoted to full professor, the scholarship must reveal that the faculty member has become one of the very best in a broadly defined field. 
  • The faculty member must also have a record that demonstrates that he or she is capable of sustaining a first-rate teaching program during his or her career at Stanford.
  • Excellence in clinical practice or clinical care is a requirement for those faculty whose duties include such practice.
  • Service (including what might be called institutional citizenship), although relevant, is not a primary criterion.  However, the quality of the institutional service may be considered in the promotion process, especially when the faculty member is in a leadership role.
  • Application of criteria for evaluating the quality of scholarship, teaching and clinical care include specific expectations regarding a faculty member’s professional behavior in the workplace and are an important factor in appointment, reappointment and promotion actions.