Getting Started

The first time you log into the REDCap system a new account will be created. We encourage users to create and account and play around with a few test databases to get acquainted with the system. The Stanford copy of REDCap runs at If you would prefer to have one of us show you some of the features or if you have questions about using REDCap for a specific study, please set up a free in-person consultation.

Access Restrictions

For increased security REDCap is protected by Stanford University network address restrictions, which means your computer needs to be registered on the Stanford network to access REDCap. If you would like to connect from off-site, you must first VPN into Stanford. Detailed instructions along with a wealth of additional information is available at the Stanford REDCap wiki or at the Stanford VPN site.

REDCap is protected by WebAuth, which means all users need a valid SUNetID to log into this installation. It is possible to obtain SUNet IDs for non-Stanford collaborators. More information on obtaining a SUNetId for yourself or sponsoring others is available at

Data Retention

Data stored in production REDCap databases is not automatically purged from the servers. Once a project is complete, we recommend 'archiving' the project inside REDCap. This prevents further data acquisition but preserves all data for any later export or analysis. Once a project is archived, we may clean up and remove old log files or past data exports, but all production data will remain intact. In the event the REDCap service were to be replaced or discontinued we would notify all project owners and devise a plan that would allow ample time for owners to export their data.


Having Troubles?

For general and background information on REDCap, please see the Project REDCap web site.