AT STANFORD MEDICINE, our strength in interdisciplinary scholarship, our dedicated faculty and a culture of innovation set the training ground for the next generation of biomedical leaders and pioneers.

Interdisciplinary Scholarship

With easy access to world-class faculty and coursework in medical science as well as engineering, computer science, education, business and the humanities, aspiring physicians and scientists can experiment across disciplines and customize their education to match their interests.

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Faculty Excellence

By recruiting highly distinguished faculty, Stanford University School of Medicine has achieved pre-eminence far beyond its size. Students work alongside leading experts in a community that welcomes them as colleagues and supports them in their development.  

A Culture of Innovation

As an academic medical center with close ties to Stanford University and Silicon Valley, Stanford Medicine merges research with health-care expertise to drive creative thinking and innovation.

Re-imagining Graduate &
Medical Education

Graduate Education

A flexible format throughout the Biosciences PhD programs empowers students to broaden their horizons.

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Medical Education

Stanford Medicine is at the forefront of a major transformation in medical education.

Interactive Learning Strategies

The School of Medicine’s “flipped-classroom” model moves traditional lecture content to online video so students can peruse it at their own pace, thereby freeing classroom time for interactive learning among peers and faculty.

Immersive & Simulation-based Learning

Stanford Medicine is a pioneer in the field of immersive and simulation-based learning, which serves as a bridge between classroom learning and real-life clinical experience.

Leading in Precision Health

Stanford Medicine is leading the biomedical revolution in precision health and developing the next generation of care that is proactive, predictive and precise.

A Legacy of Innovation

Stanford Medicine's unrivaled atmosphere of breakthrough thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration has fueled a long history of clinical and research achievements.


Stanford University School of Medicine consistently ranks among the top U.S. medical schools, and faculty members routinely secure the highest amount of research funding per investigator in the country. 

Diversity Programs

Stanford Medicine cultivates a supportive atmosphere with readily available resources to meet the needs and interests of every student.

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