Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology group within EdTech offers a variety of services to assist in the application of technology to address teaching and learning needs. Instructional Tech offers consultations on educational projects, development resources and project management, classroom technology training and support, and also has equipment and resources for media production.

Educational Project Consultation
and Development

The Instructional Tech group offers free consultations to faculty and students interested in developing educational projects. Educational projects completed in the past include educational games, eBooks, content websites, wikis, and more.

Technology Training
and Support

Instructional Tech offers free, personalized training on the technology used in EdTech classrooms as well as all of our educational technology equipment and resources. Instructional Tech can help you determine how to best use technology in your teaching session, and trainings can be scheduled for individuals or for groups according to their availability.

Instructional Tech also provides the support for many teaching technologies at the School of Medicine, including support for CourseWork and lecture recording videos.

Video Recording

Educational Technology has two video recording booths available for reservation by faculty and TAs. Each recording booth has studio microphones, a 24" tablet monitor for digital annotations, and a variety of productivity software to support screen recording as well as camera recording.

The booths have been successfully used to create hundreds of hours of video used for online lectures as well as supplemental materials, for anything from traditional lectures to full Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs).