LKSC Immersive Learning Center Scheduling and Use Policies

These policies are in addition to the SoM Scheduling Policies, but are specific to the LKSC Goodman Immersive Learning Center (ILC) spaces.

Supported Activities

Faculty and course coordinators may reserve ILC spaces and resources for the purposes of guided clinical training, learner assessment, and related simulation research.  ILC regular business hours are from 8AM until 6PM Monday - Friday.  Requests will be reviewed weekly by the ILC Operations Workgroup for most appropriate use of space, and approved based on the scheduling priorities listed below.

Request Form

Please submit your request using the ILC Request Form.

Scheduling Priorities

The scheduling priorities for the ILC spaces are listed below:

  1. Clinical Performance Exam (CPX)
  2. Required course & clerkship assessments (e.g., Mini-CPX, micro-CPX, POM baseline assessment and finals)
  3. Required course & clerkship formative exercises (e.g., genetics, peds, family medicine, and ambulatory medicine exercises and OSCE's)
  4. Multi Mini Interview (MMI: medical student admissions)
  5. Elective clerkship assessment and formative exercises (e.g., emergency medicine simulation)
  6. Required resident training
  7. Elective resident training
  8. CME Activities
  9. Primary Care Associate Program Activities (PCAP)
  10. Other

NOTE: All Requests for the Immersive Learning Center spaces are vetted through the ILC Administrative Team.  

Reservation Timeline

  • To receive scheduling priority, requests must be submitted according to the Classroom Scheduling Policy Deadline.
  • Activities will be scheduled by academic year, to coincide with the academic calendar (i.e. the first day of the School of Medicine's autumn quarter through the day before autumn quarter of the following academic year)
  • ILC requests of equal priority submitted by the priority deadline requesting the same date/time will be arbitrated by the ILC Administrative Team.

Scheduled Spaces

This policy applies to the following teaching spaces. Exceptions apply as noted.

  1. Clinical and Acute Care Exam Rooms with either SP or Sim Control Room
  2. Orientation and Debrief Rooms A, B, & C - please note the debriefing rooms are exclusively used for either mannequin-based simulation or SP exercises only and not available for meeting spaces. 
  3. Counseling Room
  4. 3 Bay Sim
  5. OR Sim Room
  6. Skills Classrooms LK005, LK007, LK07A, LK011, LK013  

Video and Data Capture

Users must participate in orientation and training of the system(s) prior to use. Please contact our Administrative Assistant Katt Clark so she can assist with scheduling training:

  • Clinical Skills (SP) AV training using B-Line Clinical Skills 
  • Simulation AV training using B-Line SimCapture

Contact Info

Learning Space Scheduling: 650-723-6952

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