IRT Information Security Services

Part of IRT Information Security's mission is to monitor and protect the School of Medicine networks, and to promote information security awareness among students, faculty, and staff. Read below for more information about how IRT keeps the School of Medicine infrastructure secure, as well as some ways that you can keep your own information secure.


  • Firewall:  About the School of Medicine firewall and how to request access.
  • Networking:  About the School of Medicine's data communications network, both wired and wireless.
  • Server Management:  About IRT's hosting services for departmental servers.
  • Application & Database Management:  Services included in IRT's central application and database administration.
  • Stanford LAN Extension:   Procedures and practices to follow in order to connect to School of Medicine resources from the VA Hospital.
  • Security Assessments:  How to figure out if your self-hosted server is properly secured, and whether we should help you move it to the data center.
  • For Our Local Support Partners:  Resources and information for those who provide IT support in their own departments.

Computer Security

  • Why You Need to Secure Your Information:  A list of the practical reasons, Stanford policies, and federal regulations requiring encryption and general computer security.
  • How To Secure Your Information:  A list of tools to encrypt your computer and to send files and emails securely.
  • Encryption: All computers used for Stanford work must be encrypted by May 31, 2015. Read why IRT supports encryption, what kind of data needs to be encrypted at all times, and find instructions for encrypting your computer.