Get a SUNet ID

The SUNet ID is a unique 3-8 character account name that identifies you as a member of the Stanford community. The term stands for the Stanford University Network, and a SUNet ID gains you access to Stanford's computing resources and services. When beginning to work with Stanford, a SUNet ID is often the first thing you need, before you can set up any other services. Your SUNet ID is a permanent and visible part of your Stanford identity:

  • It appears in your Stanford email address:
  • It appears in your Stanford web page URL:
  • It is your unique identifier and/or login ID in many of Stanford's online systems
  • It remains identified with you permanently, even if you leave Stanford and return

There are two types of SUNet ID:

University Eligible

A University Eligible ID is available to all currently registered students, as well as regular faculty and staff. Hospital staff are automatically entitled to a base-level version of this status (SUNet ID and password, and a StanfordWho directory listing), but may be sponsored for full service, which includes email. You can read about the details of the different service levels; Lane Library also has specific information about hospital staff SUNet IDs.


Anyone who is not University Eligible, but requires a SUNet ID, is sponsored by a department at Stanford. A sponsored individual must sign up for a SUNet ID, and the individual’s sponsor must confirm the sponsorship within two weeks. Once the sponsorship is confirmed, the SUNet ID is activated in 4-6 hours. Sponsored SUNet IDs are valid for fixed periods of time, and may have restrictions that University Eligible SUNet IDs do not.


More about SUNet ID

To learn more about or request a SUNet ID, see SUNet ID.