Printer Setup

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Setting up a new printer for network access

Printers that are network-capable need to be registered for network access just like computers.  To do this, you will need to follow these steps.  If you have any trouble with these steps, please call IRT at 725-8000 or file a HelpSU ticket.

  1. Obtain the printer’s physical address (also called MAC, hardware, or ethernet address).  This can be done by printing a configuration page on most network-capable printers.  Many printers have an LCD screen and buttons to navigate menu options.  Printing a configuration page is usually in the “Information” menu under “Print Configuration”.
  2. Set the printer for DHCP.  Most network-capable printers ship with a default setting of obtaining an IP address via DHCP (BootP can also be used if DHCP is not available).  This can be verified through the configuration page printed in step 1.  The manner in which the printer obtains its IP address can be changed through the LCD menu by navigating to the configuration section for the network and setting the configuration method to DHCP.
  3. Call 725-8000 and provide the following information:
    • Building and room number of the printer
    • Physical/hardware address of the printer (from step 1)
    • Make and model of printer
    • SUNetID of the printer’s administrator
    • Department to whom the printer belongs

    The technician you speak with should give you the IP address after the computer is registered.

The printer should then be registered within 15-20 minutes. After this, you may need to reboot the printer for it to obtain its IP address. We recommend that you tape a piece of paper with the printer’s IP address on the printer for easy reference.


Setting up a networked printer on your computer

Finding a printer’s IP address

Setting up a networked printer often requires finding it via the IP address. If you have just set up the printer by calling IRT, the technician who registers it can provide you with the IP address. If it's a pre-existing printer, its IP address may be marked or taped on the actual printer. Additionally, people who are already set up to use the printer or the IT support person for your department may know the IP address. You may also call IRT at 725-8000 and provide the network jack number into which the printer is plugged, and we can often look up the printer’s IP address in that manner.

How to set up a printer in common operating systems

Common solutions for printer issues

  • Check the printer’s power and network connections – If either cable has become unplugged at either end, it will not function correctly.
  • Reboot the printer – This can fix seemingly unresponsive printers if you are unable to print to them.
  • Reboot the computer – This can clean local print queues when some jobs become stuck in the local print queue
  • Delete and reinstall the printer from the computer – This can fix corrupted drivers for the printer that would prevent you from printing.  If this is the case, you would want to replace the existing drivers when prompted.