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IRT Trainings

IRT provides brief information sessions upon request. These information sessions provide general-use training on software and hardware used within the School of Medicine.

Recent topics have included: the use of Zimbra/Stanford Calendar; Remote Access (VPN and Remote Desktop); Medmeeting (a web conferencing application), and specialized scanner, printer, and copier equipment.


Other Stanford Technology Training Resources

Training by Appointment (Stanford Information Technology Services)

The Training by Appointment (TBA) program is available to the entire Stanford community. It matches you with an expert instructor for a one-on-one tutorial. You choose your own learning objectives, register for a 90-minute training appointment, and bring your own documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, or web pages to learn how to troubleshoot them. Fees are based on 90-minute sessions and can be covered by STAP, department, or Hospital Tuition Assistance funds.

Tech Briefings (Stanford Information Technology Services)

Tech Briefings are informal, interactive seminars on computer-related topics of interest to the Stanford community. They are currently held on Friday afternoons in Turing Auditorium(in Polya Hall, across Campus Drive from the School of Medicine).These sessions are intended for power users and those with IT responsibilities, but are open to everyone: faculty, staff, and students. No registration is required. No fee.

Technology Support for Courses (Stanford Information Technology Services)

Technology Support for Courses is Stanford’s link-gateway to the rich array of services that support teaching and learning. Stanford instructors have access to two separate online tools to help with course management: CourseWork, and IT Services Course Support. Here you'll find information about how to set up each one, plus links to training and other Stanford computing resources.

Online Training for Stanford

Information Technology Services (ITS) has a central Online Training page, with information about several of Stanford's online training options. The three main resources are outlined below, but the Online Training website has additional links to training information and providers.

  • Webinars
  • Lynda
  • E-Books
ITS Technology Training offers 90-minute or 2-hour web training sessions, available on the Mac and PC platforms through our training partner, People-OnTheGo. Webinars are usually $60 per session and on such topics as beginning and advanced uses for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and similar software. Registration is available through STARS.
High-quality training with over 640 software and design topics, with a library of over 40,000 video tutorials. Topics include Adobe CS4, Acrobat 9, Office 2007, Drupal, Perl, PHP and more, presented in a self-paced video format. ($300 for a year's subscription; reimbursed through STAP funds)
Offered through Stanford University Libraries (SULAIR) at no cost, Books 24x7 and Safari Tech Books together offer access to more than 14,000 books on computing and information technology from nearly 150 publishers. These publishers include O'Reilly (1,200 titles), Addison-Wesley Professional, Microsoft Press, Peachpit Press, Prentice Hall, Que, Wiley, and more. Available online for no fee.