Wireless Access

Wireless Registration

Access to the School of Medicine wireless network is regulated through our network registration system. If your computer is not registered, please read details on network registration at Gaining Access to the Network. Once registered for network access, you will be able to access the "Stanford" wireless throughout the School of Medicine and University.

Accessing the Wireless Network

The wireless network name (SSID) in the School of Medicine is "Stanford", which is consistent with the rest of Stanford University. The School of Medicine wireless network is based on the 802.11 a/g Wifi standard (with legacy support for 802.11b). The School of Medicine is currently in the process of deploying more 802.11n wireless, which is the latest Wifi standard, in a number of buildings in the School of Medicine. To obtain the best connectivity for wireless in the School of Medicine, the wireless card in your computer should be 5 Ghz compatible and capable of 802.11 a/n connectivity.

Using the Wireless Network

All wireless networks are a shared medium, which means that the more people that are using wireless in a given area, the less bandwidth each person can use. Wireless network connectivity is also very susceptible to interference from walls, furniture, water-based structures (including people and trees) and electronic devices. While wireless networks are convenient, a wired network connection is not susceptible to these limitations in bandwidth or these forms of interference. If you are performing any high-bandwidth network operations or are doing work that cannot be interrupted, we highly recommend using a wired ethernet connection.