Recommended Software

Securing Your Computer

IRT recommends that you download and install software from the Essential Stanford Software (ESS) site. This software is freely available, supported by IRT and will assist with the security and management of your computer.

The following links describe the ESS software available to School of Medicine Windows and Macintosh users:

Using the Academic Discount

The ESS list is not intended to satisfy all of your computing needs or requirements. The Software at Stanford website provides information about the heavily discounted software available for use or purchase on campus. The website provides links to a product page or a download site. Most of the software listed on this site is provided by Information Technology Services, SULAIR (Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources), University Procurement (CWA), and the Stanford Bookstore. Most of the software from these sites is available to you at an Academic discount.

Recommended Software

  • Microsoft Office, for general word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software needs
  • Endnote, for a reference/bibliography tool for footnotes
  • Outlook, as an email client for Windows, and Mail, as a client for Macs
  • Contribute or Dreamweaver for web publishing in our legacy environment
  • FireFox, Chrome, or Safari as an alternative web browser
  • VMWare Fusion, for using Windows on a Macintosh Computer