Numerous people from various backgrounds have joined the Letter Project and are writing letters to their doctor. 

Watch the video where many people in San Francisco wrote to their doctor. You can join the Letter Project and write your letter now by clicking here

Join the Letter Project and write your letter now

Use the letter template below to write a letter to your doctor about what matters most to you in the last chapter of your life. Once you finish writing the letter, you can print or email the letter to your doctor and your loved ones.

Use this fillable pdf to write the letter. When you finish the letter, email or print and share with your doctor and family



Use this link to write your letter. When you finish the letter and click the button at the end, you will be able to print or email your letter



We need your help. Please use this link to write a letter so we can use your responses in our study to guide others who want to write a letter about their end of life preferences.

For more information see the Stanford consent form.

Write Your Letter in Other Languages


More languages coming soon...