Security Services

On and Off Campus

On and Off Campus Security Services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.  All services are offered to both on and off campus occupants.

Contact Information

ON-Campus Security OFF-Campus Security

(650) 723-7222

24/7 Phone line

(650) 721-0762

24/7 Phone line

Stanford Hospital 
300 Pasteur Dr. Rm. H0258
Stanford, CA. 94305
Stanford @ Porter Dr.
3172 Porter Dr. Rm. 1130D
Palo Alto, CA. 94304

Services Offered

The School of Medicine Security Office provides the following services:       

Entry to the building/office

Locked out of your building or office? Call security to gain entry. Please have an ID ready.

An escort to your vehicle

Scared to walk to your vehicle alone at night? Call for a security officer to escort you.

Security Assessments

Worried about the security of your lab or office? Call security to schedule an assessment. A trained security staff member will conduct a thorough assessment of your area and provide recommendations. 


Do I need to wear my Stanford ID Access badge?
Security encourages wearing your ID badge and keeping the badge with you at all times.

What do I do if I lose my access badge?
Report your lost badge to Photo ID by calling (650) 498-6290 so it can be deactivated immediately. Once you deactivate your badge, walk in to the Photo ID office and they will re-issue a new badge. (No appointment necessary) The address is 300 Pasteur Dr. Rm. H0258C Stanford, CA. 94305. View directions.

Is the Lost and Found at Security?

  • On Campus, the School of Medicine lost and found is located at the main Hospital Security office. (Click here for a map.)
  • The Lane Library also keeps a lost and found at the front desk. After they have held the missing items for a few days, they bring the items to Hospital Security. 
  • Off Campus, the School of Medicine lost and found is located at the Security office at 3172 Porter Dr. Rm. 1130D.