The Future of Medicine is Precision Health

Stanford Medicine is leading the biomedical revolution in Precision Health by leveraging our iconic place in Silicon Valley and the University’s innovation and excellence across disciplines. We are defining and developing the next generation of care that is proactive, predictive and precise, achieving the best imaginable health outcome for every individual. 

Fundamental Research

Basic, or fundamental, research has been the bedrock of Stanford Medicine and is responsible for advancing knowledge, translating biological advances to biomedicine, and making novel discoveries that are responsible for breakthrough approaches in science. 

Transformative Platforms

Our transformative biomedical platforms build upon our strengths in fundamental research and provide the advances that will add specificity and precision to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in ways that improve outcomes.

Preeminent Care

Fueled by Stanford Medicine’s fundamental research and transformative platforms, our innovative approaches in delivering the best care to each patient will revolutionize the way health is sustained and promoted. Our goal is to put the health back in health care. 

Innovation is in our DNA


Lead a revolution in health care away from after-the-fact diagnosis of disease to prediction and prevention. 


Develop new scientific paradigms and open up new realms of scientific exploration. 


Bridge the gap between fundamental and clinical research to bring the best science to patients. 


Transform the very nature of health care to one based on keeping you healthy instead of only treating you when you are sick. 


Deliver high-value health care to patients through personalized and compassionate care models.


Train the leaders who will pioneer advances in health and medicine.


Share our biomedical advances to improve the health of populations worldwide.

A Culture of Creative Collaboration

As an academic medical center with close ties to the larger Stanford University community and Silicon Valley, Stanford Medicine is uniquely positioned to lead the biomedical revolution in Precision Health and to secure its promise for future generations.

Our history of innovation, entrepreneurial mindset and culture of interdisciplinary collaboration across Stanford’s premier schools define the unparalleled environment in which we will redefine health and health care delivery.



Training the Next Generation

Stanford University School of Medicine consistently ranks among the very top U.S. medical schools, and faculty members routinely secure the highest amount of research funding per investigator in the country. 

Uniquely Poised for Preeminence

As a leading academic medical center located in Silicon Valley, Stanford Medicine is uniquely poised to drive real-world change in health care through Precision Health.

Innovation is our daily cadence at Stanford Medicine. Our location in and close ties to Silicon Valley, and our history of defining new fields, making breakthrough and transformative discoveries, and educating the next generation of thought leaders gives us the competitive edge in leading this biomedical revolution.