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The OMAC will be the point of contact for any ROTC student who needs transportation, via ZipCar access, to and from class.

Financial Support for ROTC Transportation

Some financial support will be provided to active ROTC members to assist with group transportation to/from ROTC classes taken at other campuses, in an effort to reduce both the personal cost to these students and the additional disincentive for participating in ROTC programs at Stanford. Stanford University ROTC students can join the Stanford—OMAC ZipCar account. 

In addition, personal car usage is available for reimbursement under the same ROTC transportation premise.  Any ROTC student who wishes to use ZipCar for transportation to and from ROTC classes should fill out this form. If a student desires reimbursement for personal vehicle usage, to and from ROTC classes, he/she should use this form.


Information regarding the Stanford ROTC program