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Information for Prospective Undergraduate Students

The undergraduate curriculum in Management Science and Engineering trains students in the fundamentals of engineering systems analysis to prepare them to plan, design and implement complex economic and technological management systems where a scientific or engineering background is necessary or desirable. 

The major prepares students for a variety of career paths, including investment banking, management consulting, and facilities and process management, or for graduate school in industrial engineering, operations research, business, economics, law, medicine or public policy.

The educational objectives of the undergraduate degree program are:

  • Principles and skills —provide students with a basic understanding of management science and engineering principles, including analytical problem solving and communications skills.
  • Preparation for practice —prepare students for practice in a field that sees rapid changes in tools, problems and opportunities.
  • Preparation for continued growth —prepare students for graduate study and self-development over an entire career.
  • Preparation for service —develop in students the awareness, background and skills necessary to become responsible citizens, employees and leaders.

The program builds on the foundational courses for engineering, including calculus, mathematical modeling, probability, statistics, engineering fundamentals, and physics or chemistry.

Prospective undergraduates interested in studying Management Science and Engineering at Stanford apply to the university through the Undergraduate Admissions Office — not directly to the Management Science and Engineering department.