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Affiliate Programs

Management Science & Engineering Industry Affiliates Program

The MS&E Industry Affiliates Program directly connects corporations with our department’s vast resources: renowned faculty, cutting-edge research centers and a thriving student community.
For an annual fee, the program enables your company to interact with our department to help give you tangible business benefits, while benefiting our students and advancing academic knowledge in our fields of expertise. Gain access to research, classroom activity, and student and faculty interaction. 

Let us enhance your competitive advantage

Through your association with us, you gain access to the most innovative developments in management science and engineering technology. You develop relationships with some of the world's most respected and influential thought leaders, authors and researchers. You get to know and work with excellent students before other employers even see their resumes. Most of all, you become part of our community.

What you can achieve

While a complete listing of affiliate benefits is here, these examples illustrate how the program can help you:

Faculty: Develop a relationship with a faculty member who serves as your liaison and can point you toward appropriate MS&E resources.

Department areas of research:

Gain exposure to the department’s leading-edge research initiatives and findings that relate to your R&D, technology, product development and management activities such as:

  • E-commerce, including design of ad auctions, online algorithms, recommendation systems
  • Algorithms for enhanced decision analytics, including large-scale and realtime optimization
  • Computational social science and study of online communities
  • Revenue management and supply chain management
  • Quantitative finance, including risk management, high-frequency trading, financial analytics
  • Decision analysis and engineering risk analysis
  • Health, energy and environmental policy
  • High-tech strategy/entrepreneurship
  • Study of the interaction between work, technology and organizational structure

Please see visit our faculty page for specific research areas.

Students: Interact with undergraduate and graduate engineering students interested in technology management, finance, engineering and other areas related to your organization.
Recruiting: Create brand awareness and get access to excellent students for recruiting and internship purposes.
Influence: Through your relationships, presence and participation, share your own research and thought leadership that might be of interest to faculty, as they decide on course content and research agendas that drive innovation.
Presence:  Apply to participate in student projects, attend events and receive access to university resources, such as the Stanford Engineering library and selected facilities.

About MS&E

With 31 professors and more than 500 students, the Management Science & Engineering (MS&E) department focuses on understanding problems involved in the engineering aspects of managing systems and technologies, creating appropriate problem formulations and solutions, and providing relevant decision support.

In addition to our world-renowned faculty, MS&E hosts a large student population in the Stanford School of Engineering: 133 BS, 266 MS, 100 Ph.D.

Our PhD students are conducting research of direct relevance to industry. Many of our master's and undergraduate students view an MS&E degree as a quantitatively oriented engineering and business education with technology underpinnings. This prepares them well for the data-driven challenges of the future in business, public service and academia.  We stay close to real-world problems through vigorous interaction with other Stanford departments, Silicon Valley, state and federal governments, and various global organizations and corporations.

Explore our department website to learn more about MS&E and the accomplishments of our faculty and alumni.
For more information about the program, please contact:
Yinyu Ye
Affiliates Program director
Phone: (650) 723-7262