Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Recommendations for the Entire Community

Mandated reporters also see Mandated Reporters subheading below 

Should any member of the Stanford community know of or reasonably suspect child abuse or neglect, he or she should immediately or as soon as practically possible telephone the police or child welfare authorities so that they can investigate and take steps to protect the child.

The trigger for calling the authorities is knowledge of or a reasonable suspicion of child abuse or neglect. It is for the authorities to investigate and determine if there is child abuse or neglect. Undertaking an investigation oneself prior to calling the authorities could put a child in further danger.

To Make A Report Call Any of the Below Numbers

  • In an emergency, call 911.
  • The Santa Clara County Child Abuse and Neglect Center takes reports 24 hours a day at (650) 493-1186.
  • The Stanford University Department of Public Safety at (650) 723-9633 during business hours or (650) 329-2413 after hours.
  • If the child lives in California, you may alternately call the authorities serving the area where the child lives.

Mandated Reporters

While all members of the Stanford community are encouraged to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect, some members of the Stanford community, due do the nature of their work, are required by law to immediately or as soon as practically possible phone the police or child welfare authorities to report any reasonable suspicion of child abuse or neglect and then follow up with a written report within 36 hours of suspecting the abuse or neglect.

Mandated reporters of child abuse include administrators and employees of camps, teachers, clergy, physicians, psychologists, and therapists. Starting on January 1, 2013, people who, in their work for Stanford, have contact with minors on a regular basis are also a mandated reporters as are their supervisors, even if the supervisors do not have contact with minors. For a full list of mandated reporters, please see California Penal Code §11165.1.

Stanford mandated reporters are encouraged, but not obligated, to inform their supervisor and the Stanford Compliance Helpline about any mandatory reports.

The follow-up written report can be made on the form created by the California Attorney General available here with instructions here. The OGC is available to assist with the written report. However, do not delay making the phone and follow-up written reports according the the schedule required by law in order to consult with counsel. 

Mandated reporters have a personal legal obligation to report child abuse or neglect immediately or as soon as practically possible. Notifying someone other than the proper authorities does not satisfy this legal obligation. Mandated reporters who fail to report reasonable suspicion of child abuse or neglect to the police or child welfare authorities can face criminal prosecution.

Advice and training

Members of the Stanford community who have questions about child abuse and neglect reporting can call the Office of the General Counsel at (650) 723-9611 for advice. Additionally, the OGC is available to provide group trainings.