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Geoscape Bay Area for Earth Sciences Teachers

Geoscape Bay Area for Earth Sciences Teachers

You are invited to an 8-day workshop for science teachers about Earth sciences in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here you will learn about current scientific research and understanding of the local geoscape. A geoscape is a way to look at the geological landscape - water resources, natural hazards, and earth resources. This workshop is to enhance your skills, confidence, and knowledge of Earth sciences and invigorate classroom instruction.

During the 8-day summer workshop, there will be lab time where you will create curriculum and materials for the coming school year that draw on what you have learned in the workshop. Teachers are supported by experts in content and pedagogy, and are provided with specific tasks that connect to the workshop. In addition, you will be introduced to teaching with evidence and argumentation as a pedagogical tools. Discussions and strategies for adapting instruction for English language learners are integrated throughout.

This opportunity is for both novices and experts in Earth sciences education, and open to middle and high school teachers. You will have lots of time to work with and get to know like-minded science teachers.

We will NOT be offering a Geoscape workshop in summer 2016 as we had planned.  We hope to bring it back in 2017.

2014 Details

•    Professional development workshop – July 14-17 and July 21-24, 2014

      (Monday through Thursday, all day)

•    $300 stipend, yet a $50 refundable application fee

•    Lunch provided every day
•    Continuing Education Units (3 units available for $75) (quarter credits, not semester credits)

Project Commitment

We expect that you will fully participate in the workshop opportunities during the summer. You will develop 1-3 lessons/activities that will enhance learning in Earth Science in your classroom. We also expect you to reflect on your experience and provide feedback.  You will be refunded your $50 at the beginning of the workshop or if you cancel 4 weeks before the start of the workshop (before June 16).

The application is closed for 2014.  $50 refundable application fee.

Sessions - taught by Earth Sciences faculty and staff:
    •    Tectonic Setting of the Bay Area
    •    Earthquakes in California
    •    Plate Tectonics
    •    Stanford CSI
    •    California Oceanography
    •    What does it mean to be a scientist?
    •    Geologic mapping of your neighborhood
    •    Plus an all-day geology field trip
    •    Supports instruction of NGSS: for high school HS-ESS2-1, 3, 4 as well as ESS1-5 and HS-PS4-1.
                   for middle school MS-ESS2-1, 2, 3 as well as MS-ESS1 and 2

This is a non-residential programs, so out-of-town participants must find their own lodging. 

For more information about the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Teacher Programs, please contact Jennifer Saltzman.

What the teachers wrote after the 2014 workshop

  • Was not a ‘fluffy’ summer PD course, you worked us, professionalism mixed with friendliness
  • I definitely plant to review my role as a teacher.  I want to implement more scientific argumentation to the curriculum.  I want to evaluate my level of questions that I had previously used.
  • It was an amazing experience.  At first I was hopeful that we would look at more of the practices from NGSS, but now that I see how in depth we covered argumentation, I prefer the way it was set up.