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International and Remote Field Research Resources

The resources below were compiled to help you and other School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences’ students, faculty, and staff prepare for travel and research abroad and in remote areas of the US. We are always striving to make this list as comprehensive as possible, so if there is something you would like to see added please contact the SES Field Program Coordinator.

Before you travel, we highly encourage you to complete the online International and Remote Field Safety training module. You will learn about important issues to consider as you plan your trip and about the services available on campus and overseas to help you in case of an emergency. 

If an emergency or dangerous incident occurs, contact your department manager or program director immediately.  If you are a student, also contact your faculty advisor.  If you cannot reach anyone or are unsure whom to contact, contact the SES Deans Office at 650-723-2544 or Tom Koos, Health and Safety Coordinator, at 650-736-1002.

General Resources

Are you travelling internationally on Stanford business or conducting research in the US or abroad? Are you responsible for any students or junior colleagues traveling or working with you away from campus? Are you familiar with the resources available to help you prepare for your trip or research project?

Travel Logistics

Who has your travel itinerary and contact information? Have you planned ahead for any natural or social hazards you might face? Do you have emergency money in a safe place, like a $100 bill in your shoe?

People and Organizations

Do you have emergency contact and important health information for everyone you are responsible for? Have you clearly outlined in writing what you expect of your students and research assistants? Have you made arrangements with local collaborators and proper authorities so your research goes smoothly?

Health and Safety

Have you thought about allergies, infectious diseases, or poisonous plants or animals you might face? Do you have all the extra prescriptions, medications, or first aid materials you might need? Do you have information about the emergency medical or evacuation resources that are available to you?

Equipment and Materials

Have you considered what would happen if your research equipment is confiscated in customs either in the US or abroad? Do you have the proper paperwork and approvals to take your research samples away from your research site and bring them back into the US?

  • Stanford's Export Control Policy Explains how the federal export control policies apply to research materials, equipment, and collaborations.
  • Import Controls This portion of the Foreign Activities Guide has contact information for import brokers who have relationships with Stanford as well as contact information for the Export Controls Officer, who may be able to answer questions related to importing and exporting goods related to research.
  • For more information about transporting research samples, contact Ryan Peterson, SE3 Field Program Coordinator, at 650-721-4024 or

Other Resources