Stanford School of Earth Sciences

Leif Thomas
Leif Thomas

Associate Professor
Physical Oceanography
Dept. Environmental Earth System Science
Stanford School of Earth Sciences

Contact information:
473 Via Ortega
Y2E2 Bldg., Rm 181
Stanford, CA 94305-4216

Research interests

My research interests center on the physics of the ocean circulation. Specifically, I seek to understand the dynamics of highly energetic, time-variable flows in the upper ocean, such as fronts and eddies. These flows efficiently exchange heat, salt, nutrients, and dissolved gases between the surface of the ocean and the ocean interior and hence play an important role in the Earth's climate and the oceanic sequestration of carbon. I use theory, computer modeling, and field observations to characterize the fundamental physics of the ocean circulation with the goal of improving the oceanic component of climate models.

Prospective graduate students and postdocs

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