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Yoshihisa Yamamoto

Professor of Electrical Engineering and of Applied Physics

Professor Yamamoto’s group performs research on fundamental optoelectronic physics, structures, and devices. Particular areas of interest are quantum optics, semiconductor mesoscopic physics,  nuclear and electron spin resonance, with emphasis on quantum information system applications. Yamamoto’s group conducts research on the theoretical and experimental aspects of single-photon, entanglement-based and differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution for quantum cryptography and studies quantum information processing with photons and spins in solid state materials.

Research Areas:
Fundamental optoelectric physics, structures, and devices, quantum computing, quantum information  

Department(s): Electrical Engineering
Location:  Ginzton Lab
Mail Code:  4088
Phone:  (650) 725-3327
Fax:  (650) 723-5320