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Breaking Down the Final Star Wars Trailer

Impressions and speculation.

Clergy Gather at Cleveland Abortion Clinic, Pray for God to ‘Bless This Building’

by Brianna Sharbaugh

Would Jesus escort women into clinics to end the lives of their babies?


Feminists Refuse to Take the Blame for Making Sex Stink

Yet it’s the man’s responsibility to fix the problem…

Should Fevers Accompanying Infections Always Be Treated With Analgesics?

by Theodore Dalrymple

Whether it is a benefit or a harm depends on whose point of view that you take.

Advice for Trump: Call the Right Tune and the Choir Will Come

by Mark Ellis

If the song ain’t rocking, don’t bother knocking.

Somebody Other Than Zombies Wants Access to Your Brain

Scientists debate what we can do with your “brain-print.”

Is This Year, ‘Next Year,’ for the Chicago Cubs?

Holy Cow! Cubs win the Division Championship Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Identity Theft Giveaway!

Airline boarding passes and other ways you might be giving identity thieves the upper hand.

Designer Sue Wong Launches L.A. Fashion Week with ‘Alchemy & Masquerade’

by Kate O'Hare

The 2016 Spring runway collection opened Art Hearts Fashion Week in Hollywood.

5 Smart Apps for Money-Saving Deals at Your Fingertips

by Julie Prince

A discount for just about everything you need.

5 Greatest Raiders/49ers Moments in Sports History

by Mark Ellis

Fans will never forget these epic moments.

Interview: Ken Hite, Author of The Dracula Dossier

My interview with Ken Hite, author of the Dracula Dossier.

New Star Wars Trailer to Play with Monday Night Football

Have you felt it?

Skipping Vacation Time Is Harmful to Your Health

by Angelica Wilk

We really should be using up all of our vacation days.

So the Party Needs To Have a Nemesis: How To Create a Proper RPG Campaign Villain

A good villain can be key to having a good role-playing game campaign.

Thinking Clearly About the Shooting of Tamir Rice

Forget the politics. What happened here was not okay.

Godzilla vs. Kong Film Coming in 2020

Of course it is.

Astronomers Say They May Have Found Evidence of Alien Civilization

Recently, astronomers looking for planets in star systems hundreds of lightyears away came across something unusual…

God, No! The Makers of Noah to Defile The Ten Commandments

Get ready for more sacrilege.

Product Review: sE Electronics' Reflexion Filter Pro Portable Vocal Booth

Here's the Leaked Trailer for Daredevil Season Two

This time, he won’t be the only vigilante in town.

Star Citizen Will Create a "Digital Universe" for PC Gamers

The most successful crowd-funded project in history is a computer game that you’ve never heard of.

Your Wireless Router Isn't as Secure as You Think

by Brian Boyer

Stay safe with a secure home wireless network.

Is This One of the Best Beer Commercials Evah?

THe Heineken/James Bond partnership scores a winner.