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This concludes our "designingyourlife" #webinar. A recording will be available on our YouTube channel soon!

People who win the lotto go back to the same pre-win emotional state after 18 months. #StanfordIMS #designthinking #designingyourlife

More money =/= more happiness, once you have enough. The idea money = happiness is toxic. #StanfordIMS #designthinking #designingyourlife

Q1: What is the role of money in this concept? A: Once you have enough money and means, incremental amounts have no effect.

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Takeaways: you CAN and HAVE TO design your life. How you frame your experiences is how you find meaning. #designthinking #designingyourlife

"If I resonate with the way I imagine my future, then I'm on the right track." #StanfordIMS #designthinking #designingyourlife

Learn your way into building experiences, try things, prototype your life. Imagine your future. #designthinking #designingyourlife

"I'm successful, but it steals a piece of my soul everyday to go to work." "I'm stuck." "I hate the work I'm doing." #designingyourlife

Built to think. Make something to provoke the world to get people to talk about it and build the prototype of your life. #designingyourlife

Brainstorm the way designers do to solve your gravity problems. Come up with and work on several ideas. Build and test your way forward.
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