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FERPA Overview

The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 establishes certain privacy rights applicable to a student’s educational record.  It is the responsibility of Stanford University school officials to ensure appropriate physical, technical and administrative controls are in place to protect student data.

These policies and procedures guide the actions of faculty and staff as they relate to student education records.  All applicable Stanford University organizations are required to comply with these policies, and to implement these appropriate procedures to ensure compliance.

These policies are intended to supplement guidance contained within the Administrative Guide.   Specifically, this policy is in response to the Administrative Guide 1.6.1-2(a), which states:

Stanford should limit the collection, use, disclosure or storage of Information to that which reasonably serves the University's academic, research, or administrative functions, or other legally required purposes. Such collection, use, disclosure and storage should comply with applicable Federal and state laws and regulations, and University policies.