I am interested in developing efficient algorithms to make sense of large amounts of noisy data, extract information from observations, estimate signals from measurements. This effort spans several disciplines including statistics, computer science, information theory, machine learning.
I am also working on applications of these techniques to healthcare data analytics.

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Professional Education

  • PhD, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy (2001)

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  • Localization from Incomplete Noisy Distance Measurements FOUNDATIONS OF COMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICS Javanmard, A., Montanari, A. 2013; 13 (3): 297-345
  • The phase transition of matrix recovery from Gaussian measurements matches the minimax MSE of matrix denoising PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Donoho, D. L., Gavish, M., Montanari, A. 2013; 110 (21): 8405-8410


    Let X(0) be an unknown M by N matrix. In matrix recovery, one takes n < MN linear measurements y(1),…,y(n) of X(0), where y(i) = Tr(A(T)iX(0)) and each A(i) is an M by N matrix. A popular approach for matrix recovery is nuclear norm minimization (NNM): solving the convex optimization problem min ||X||*subject to y(i) =Tr(A(T)(i)X) for all 1 ≤ i ≤ n, where || · ||* denotes the nuclear norm, namely, the sum of singular values. Empirical work reveals a phase transition curve, stated in terms of the undersampling fraction δ(n,M,N) = n/(MN), rank fraction ρ=rank(X0)/min {M,N}, and aspect ratio β=M/N. Specifically when the measurement matrices Ai have independent standard Gaussian random entries, a curve δ*(ρ) = δ*(ρ;β) exists such that, if δ > δ*(ρ), NNM typically succeeds for large M,N, whereas if δ < δ*(ρ), it typically fails. An apparently quite different problem is matrix denoising in Gaussian noise, in which an unknown M by N matrix X(0) is to be estimated based on direct noisy measurements Y =X(0) + Z, where the matrix Z has independent and identically distributed Gaussian entries. A popular matrix denoising scheme solves the unconstrained optimization problem min|| Y-X||(2)(F)/2+λ||X||*. When optimally tuned, this scheme achieves the asymptotic minimax mean-squared error M(ρ;β) = lim(M,N → ∞)inf(λ)sup(rank(X) ≤ ρ · M)MSE(X,X(λ)), where M/N → . We report extensive experiments showing that the phase transition δ*(ρ) in the first problem, matrix recovery from Gaussian measurements, coincides with the minimax risk curve M(ρ)=M(ρ;β) in the second problem, matrix denoising in Gaussian noise: δ*(ρ)=M(ρ), for any rank fraction 0 < ρ < 1 (at each common aspect ratio β). Our experiments considered matrices belonging to two constraint classes: real M by N matrices, of various ranks and aspect ratios, and real symmetric positive-semidefinite N by N matrices, of various ranks.

    View details for DOI 10.1073/pnas.1306110110

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  • Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing for High-Dimensional Regression Javanmard, A., Montanari, A. 2013
  • High Dimensional Robust M-Estimation: Asymptotic Variance via Approximate Message Passing Donoho, D., Montanari, A. 2013
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  • Information-Theoretically Optimal Compressed Sensing via Spatial Coupling and Approximate Message Passing 2012 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON INFORMATION THEORY PROCEEDINGS (ISIT) Donoho, D. L., Javanmard, A., Montanari, A. 2012
  • The Noise-Sensitivity Phase Transition in Compressed Sensing IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION THEORY Donoho, D. L., Maleki, A., Montanari, A. 2011; 57 (10): 6920-6941

    View details for DOI 10.1214/10-AAP729

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  • Applications of the Lindeberg Principle in Communications and Statistical Learning IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION THEORY Korada, S. B., Montanari, A. 2011; 57 (4): 2440-2450
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  • Fast Convergence of Natural Bargaining Dynamics in Exchange Networks PROCEEDINGS OF THE TWENTY-SECOND ANNUAL ACM-SIAM SYMPOSIUM ON DISCRETE ALGORITHMS Kanoria, Y., Bayati, M., Borgs, C., Chayes, J., Montanari, A. 2011: 1518-1537
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  • Compressed Sensing over l(p)-balls: Minimax Mean Square Error Donoho, D., Johnstone, I., Maleki, A., Montanari, A. IEEE. 2011: 129-133

    View details for DOI 10.1137/090755862

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  • Information Theoretic Limits on Learning Stochastic Differential Equations 2011 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON INFORMATION THEORY PROCEEDINGS (ISIT) Bento, J., Ibrahimi, M., Montanari, A. 2011: 855-859
  • The spread of innovations in social networks PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Montanari, A., Saberi, A. 2010; 107 (47): 20196-20201


    Which network structures favor the rapid spread of new ideas, behaviors, or technologies? This question has been studied extensively using epidemic models. Here we consider a complementary point of view and consider scenarios where the individuals' behavior is the result of a strategic choice among competing alternatives. In particular, we study models that are based on the dynamics of coordination games. Classical results in game theory studying this model provide a simple condition for a new action or innovation to become widespread in the network. The present paper characterizes the rate of convergence as a function of the structure of the interaction network. The resulting predictions differ strongly from the ones provided by epidemic models. In particular, it appears that innovation spreads much more slowly on well-connected network structures dominated by long-range links than in low-dimensional ones dominated, for example, by geographic proximity.

    View details for DOI 10.1073/pnas.1004098107

    View details for Web of Science ID 000284529000013

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    View details for DOI 10.1214/09-AAP627

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  • An Empirical Scaling Law for Polar Codes 2010 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON INFORMATION THEORY Korada, S. B., Montanari, A., Telatar, E., Urbanke, R. 2010: 884-888
  • Message-passing algorithms for compressed sensing PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Donoho, D. L., Maleki, A., Montanari, A. 2009; 106 (45): 18914-18919


    Compressed sensing aims to undersample certain high-dimensional signals yet accurately reconstruct them by exploiting signal characteristics. Accurate reconstruction is possible when the object to be recovered is sufficiently sparse in a known basis. Currently, the best known sparsity-undersampling tradeoff is achieved when reconstructing by convex optimization, which is expensive in important large-scale applications. Fast iterative thresholding algorithms have been intensively studied as alternatives to convex optimization for large-scale problems. Unfortunately known fast algorithms offer substantially worse sparsity-undersampling tradeoffs than convex optimization. We introduce a simple costless modification to iterative thresholding making the sparsity-undersampling tradeoff of the new algorithms equivalent to that of the corresponding convex optimization procedures. The new iterative-thresholding algorithms are inspired by belief propagation in graphical models. Our empirical measurements of the sparsity-undersampling tradeoff for the new algorithms agree with theoretical calculations. We show that a state evolution formalism correctly derives the true sparsity-undersampling tradeoff. There is a surprising agreement between earlier calculations based on random convex polytopes and this apparently very different theoretical formalism.

    View details for DOI 10.1073/pnas.0909892106

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  • Gibbs states and the set of solutions of random constraint satisfaction problems PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Krzakala, F., Montanari, A., Ricci-Tersenghi, F., Semerjian, G., Zdeborova, L. 2007; 104 (25): 10318-10323


    An instance of a random constraint satisfaction problem defines a random subset (the set of solutions) of a large product space chiN (the set of assignments). We consider two prototypical problem ensembles (random k-satisfiability and q-coloring of random regular graphs) and study the uniform measure with support on S. As the number of constraints per variable increases, this measure first decomposes into an exponential number of pure states ("clusters") and subsequently condensates over the largest such states. Above the condensation point, the mass carried by the n largest states follows a Poisson-Dirichlet process. For typical large instances, the two transitions are sharp. We determine their precise location. Further, we provide a formal definition of each phase transition in terms of different notions of correlation between distinct variables in the problem. The degree of correlation naturally affects the performances of many search/sampling algorithms. Empirical evidence suggests that local Monte Carlo Markov chain strategies are effective up to the clustering phase transition and belief propagation up to the condensation point. Finally, refined message passing techniques (such as survey propagation) may also beat this threshold.

    View details for DOI 10.1073/pnas.0703685104

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Y., Konstantinidis, N., Litke, A. M., McNeil, M. A., Taylor, G., Booth, C. N., Cartwright, S., Combley, F., Hodgson, P. N., LEHTO, M., Thompson, L. F., Affholderbach, K., Barberio, E., Bohrer, A., Brandt, S., Burkhardt, H., Feigl, E., Grupen, C., Hess, J., Lutters, G., Meinhard, H., Minguet-Rodriguez, J., Mirabito, L., Misiejuk, A., Neugebauer, E., Ngac, A., Prange, G., Rivera, F., Saraiva, P., Schafer, U., Sieler, U., Smolik, L., Stephan, F., Trier, H., Apollonio, M., Borean, C., Bosisio, L., Della Marina, R., Giannini, G., Gobbo, B., Musolino, G., Pitis, L., He, H., Kim, H., Putz, J., Rothberg, J., Armstrong, S. R., Bellantoni, L., Berkelman, K., Cinabro, D., Conway, J. S., Cranmer, K., Elmer, P., Feng, Z., Ferguson, D. P., Gao, Y., Gonzalez, S., Grahl, J., Harton, J. L., Hayes, O. J., Hu, H., Jin, S., Johnson, R. P., Kile, J., McNamara, P. A., Nielsen, J., Orejudos, W., Pan, Y., Saadi, Y., Scott, I. J., Sharma, V., Walsh, A. M., Walsh, J., Wear, J., von Wimmersperg-Toeller, J. H., Wiedenmann, W., Wu, J., Wu, S. L., Wu, X., Yamartino, J. M., Zobernig, G., Dissertori, G., Abdallah, J., Abreu, P., Adam, W., Adye, T., Adzic, P., Ajinenko, I., Albrecht, T., Alderweireld, T., Alekseev, G. D., Alemany-Fernandez, R., Allmendinger, T., Allport, P. P., Almehed, S., Amaldi, U., Amapane, N., Amato, S., Anashkin, E., Anassontzis, E. G., Andersson, P., Andreazza, A., Andringa, S., Anjos, N., Antilous, P., Apel, W. D., Arnoud, Y., Ask, S., Asman, B., Augustin, J. E., Augustinus, A., Baillon, P., Ballestrero, A., Bambade, P., Barao, F., Barbiellini, G., Barbier, R., Bardin, D., Barker, G., Baroncelli, A., Battaglia, M., Baubillier, M., Becks, K. H., Begalli, M., Behrmann, A., Beilliere, P., Belokopytov, Y., Belous, K., Ben-Haim, E., Benekos, N., Benvenuti, A., Berat, C., Berggren, M., Berntzon, L., Bertini, D., Bertrand, D., Besancon, M., Besson, N., Bianchi, F., Bigi, M., Bilenky, M. S., Bizouard, M. A., Bloch, D., Blom, M., Bluj, M., Bonesini, M., Bonivento, W., Boonekamp, M., Booth, P. S., Borgland, A. W., Borisov, G., Bosio, C., Botner, O., Boudinov, E., Bouquet, B., Bourdarios, C., Bowcock, T. J., Boyko, I., Bozovic, I., Bozzo, M., Bracko, M., Branchini, P., Brenke, T., Brenner, R., Brodet, E., Bruckman, P., Brunet, J. M., Bugge, L., Buran, T., Burgsmueller, T., Buschbeck, B., Buschmann, P., Cabrera, S., Caccia, M., Calvi, M., Rozas, A. J., Camporesi, T., Canale, V., Canepa, M., Carena, F., Carroll, L., Caso, C., Gimenez, M. V., Castro, N., Cattai, A., Cavallo, F., Cerruti, C., Chabaud, V., Chapkin, M., Charpentier, P., Chaussard, L., Checchia, P., Chelkov, G. A., Chen, M., Chierici, R., Chliapnikov, R., Chochula, P., Chorowicz, V., Chudoba, J., Chung, S. U., Cieslik, K., Collins, P., Colomer, M., Contri, R., Cortina, E., Cosme, G., Cossuti, F., Costa, M. J., Cowell, J. H., Crawley, H. B., Crennell, D., Crepe, S., Crosetti, G., Cuevas, J., Czellar, S., D'Hondt, J., Dalmagne, B., Dalmau, J., Damgaard, G., Davenport, M., da Silva, T., Da Silva, W., Deghorain, A., Della Ricca, G., Delpierre, P., Demaria, N., De Angelis, A., De Boer, W., de Brabandere, S., De Clercq, C., De Lotto, B., De Maria, N., De Min, A., de Paula, L., Dijkstra, H., Di Ciaccio, L., Di Diodato, A., Di Simone, A., Djannati, A., Dolbeau, J., Doroba, K., Dracos, M., Drees, J., Drees, K. A., Dris, M., Duperrin, A., Durand, J. D., Ehret, R., Eigen, G., Ekelof, T., Ekspong, G., Ellert, M., Elsing, M., Engel, J. P., Erzen, B., Santo, M. C., Falk, E., Fanourakis, G., Fassouliotis, D., Fayot, J., Feindt, M., Fenyuk, A., Fernandez, J., Ferrari, P., Ferrer, A., Ferrer-Ribas, E., Ferro, F., Fichet, S., Firestone, A., Fischer, P. A., Flagmeyer, U., Foeth, H., Fokitis, E., Fontanelli, F., Franek, B., Frodesen, A. G., Fruhwirth, R., Fulda-Quenzer, F., Fuster, J., Galloni, A., Gamba, D., Gamblin, S., Gandelman, M., Garcia, C., Garcia, J., GASPAR, C., Gaspar, M., Gasparini, U., Gavillet, P., Gazis, E., Gele, D., Gerber, J. P., Gerdyukov, L., Ghodbane, N., Gil, I., Glege, F., Gokieli, R., Golob, B., Gomez-Ceballos, G., Goncalves, P., Caballero, I. G., Gopal, G., Gorn, L., Gorski, M., Gouz, Y., Gracco, V., Grahl, J., Graziani, E., Green, C., Grefrath, A., Grimm, H. J., Gris, P., Grosdidier, G., Grzelak, K., Gunther, M., Guy, J., Haag, C., Hahn, F., Hahn, S., Hallgren, A., Hamacher, K., Hamilton, K., Hansen, J., Harris, F. J., Haug, S., Hauler, F., Hedberg, V., Heising, S., Hennecke, M., Henriques, R., Hernandez, J. J., Herquet, P., Herr, H., Hessing, T. L., Heuser, J. M., Higon, E., Hoffman, J., Holmgren, S. O., Holt, P. J., Holthuizen, D., Hoorelbeke, S., Houlden, M. A., Hrubec, J., Huber, M., Huet, K., Hughes, G. J., Hultqvist, K., Jackson, J. N., Jacobsson, R., Jalocha, P., Janik, R., Jarlskog, C., Jarlskog, G., Jarry, P., Jean-Marie, B., Jeans, D., Johansson, E. K., Johansson, P. D., Jonsson, P., Joram, C., Juillot, P., Jungermann, L., Kapusta, F., Karafasoulis, K., Katsanevas, S., Katsoufis, E., Keranen, R., Kernel, G., Kersevan, B. P., Kerzel, U., Khomenko, B. A., Khovanski, N. N., Kiiskinen, A., King, B. T., Kinvig, A., Kjaer, N. J., Klapp, O., Klein, H., Kluit, P., Knoblauch, D., Kokkinias, P., Konopliannikov, A., Koratzinos, M., Kostioukhine, V., Kourkoumelis, C., Kouznetsov, O., Krammer, M., Kreuter, C., Kriznic, E., Krstic, J., Krumstein, Z., Kubinec, P., Kucewicz, W., Kucharczyk, M., Kurowska, J., Kurvinen, K., Lamsa, J., Lanceri, L., Lane, D. W., Langefeld, P., Lapin, V., Laugier, J. P., Lauhakangas, R., Leder, G., Ledroit, F., Lefebure, V., Leinonen, L., Leisos, A., Leitner, R., Lemonne, J., Lenzen, G., Lepeltier, V., Lesiak, T., Lethuillier, M., Libby, J., Liebig, W., Liko, D., Lipniacka, A., Lippi, I., Loerstad, B., Lokajicek, M., Loken, J. G., Lopes, J. H., Lopez, J. M., Lopez-Femandez, R., Loukas, D., Lutz, P., Lyons, L., MacNaughton, J., Mahon, J. R., Maio, A., Malek, A., Malmgren, T. G., Maltezos, S., Malychev, V., Mandl, F., Marco, J., Marco, R., Marechal, B., Margoni, M., Marin, J. C., Mariotti, C., Markou, A., Martinez-Rivero, C., Martinez-Vidal, F., Garcia, S. M., Masik, J., Mastroyiannopoulos, N., Matorras, F., Matteuzzi, C., Matthiae, G., Mazik, J., Mazzucato, F., Mazzucato, M., McCubbin, M., McKay, R., McNulty, R., Meroni, C., Meyer, W. T., Miagkov, A., Migliore, E., Mirabito, L., Mitaroff, W., Mjoernmark, U., Moa, T., Moch, M., Moeller, R., Moenig, K., Monge, R., Montenegro, J., Moraes, D., Moreau, X., Moreno, S., Morettini, P., Morton, G., Mueller, U., Muenich, K., Mulders, M., Mulet-Marquis, C., Mundim, L., Muresan, R., Murray, W., Muryn, B., Myatt, G., Myklebust, T., Naraghi, F., Nassiakou, M., Navarria, F., Navas, S., Nawrocki, K., Negri, P., Neufeld, N., Neumann, W., Neumeister, N., Nicolaidou, R., Nielsen, B. S., Nieuwenhuizen, M., Niezurawski, P., Nikolaenko, V., Nikolenko, M., Nomokonov, V., Normand, A., Nygren, A., Oblakowska-Mucha, A., Obraztsov, V., Olshevski, A., Onofre, A., Orava, R., Orazi, G., Osterberg, K., Ouraou, A., Oyanguren, A., Paganini, P., Paganoni, M., Paiano, S., Pain, R., Paiva, R., Palacios, J. P., Palka, H., Papadopoulou, T. D., Papageorgiou, K., Pape, L., Parkes, C., Parodi, F., Parzefall, U., Passeri, A., Passon, O., Pavel, T., Pegoraro, M., Peralta, L., Perepelitsa, V., Pernicka, M., Perrotta, A., Petridou, C., Petrolini, A., Philips, H. T., Piana, G., Piedra, J., Pieri, L., Pierre, F., Pimenta, M., Piotto, E., Podobnik, T., Poireau, V., Pol, M. E., Polok, G., Polycarpo, E., Poropat, P., Pozdniakov, V., Privitera, R., Pukhaeva, N., Pullia, A., Radojicic, D., Ragazzi, S., Rahmani, H., Rakoczy, D., Rames, J., Ramler, L., Ratoff, P. N., Read, A., Rebecchi, P., Redaelli, N. G., Regler, M., Rehn, J., Reid, D., Reinhardt, R., Renton, P., Resvanis, L. K., Richard, F., Ridky, J., Rinaudo, G., Ripp-Baudot, I., Rivero, M., Rodriguez, D., Rohne, O., Romero, A., Ronchese, P., Rosenberg, E. I., Rosinsky, P., Roudeau, R., Rovelli, T., Royon, C., Ruhlmann-Kleider, V., Ruiz, A., Ryabtchikov, D., Saarikko, H., Sacquin, Y., Sadovsky, A., Sajot, G., Salmi, L., Salt, J., Sampsonidis, D., Sannino, M., Savoy-Navarro, A., Scheidle, T., Schneider, H., Schwemling, P., Schwering, B., Schwickerath, U., Schyns, M. A., Scuri, F., Seager, P., Sedykh, Y., Segar, A., Seibert, N., Sekulin, R., Shellard, R. C., Sheridan, A., Siebel, M., Silvestre, R., Simard, L., Simonetto, F., Sisakian, A., Skaali, T. B., Smadja, G., Smirnov, N., Smirnova, O., Smith, G. R., Sokolov, A., Sopczak, A., Sosnowski, R., Spassov, T., Spiriti, E., Sponholz, P., Squarcia, S., Stampfer, D., Stanescu, C., Stanic, S., Stanitzki, M., Stapnes, S., Stevenson, K., Stocchi, A., Strauss, J., Strub, R., Stugu, B., Szczekowski, M., Szeptycka, M., Szumlak, T., Tabarelli, T., Taffard, A. C., Tegenfeldt, F., Terranova, F., Thomas, J., Tilquin, A., Timmermans, J., Tinti, N., Tkatchev, L., Tobin, M., Todorov, T., Todorovova, S., Toet, D. Z., Tomaradze, A., Tome, B., Tonazzo, A., Tortora, L., Tortosa, P., Transtromer, G., Travnicek, P., Treille, D., Tristram, G., Trochimczuk, M., Trombini, A., Troncon, C., Tsirou, A., Turluer, M. L., Tyapkin, I. A., Tyapkin, P., Tzamarias, S., Ullaland, O., Uvarov, V., Valenti, G., Vallazza, E., Vander Velde, C., Van Apeldoorn, G. W., van Dam, P., Van den Boeck, W., Van Doninck, W. K., Van Eldik, J., Van Lysebetten, A., van Remortel, N., Van Vulpen, I., Vassilopoulos, N., Vegni, G., Velos, F., Ventura, L., Venus, W., Verbeure, F., Verdier, P., Verlato, M., Vertogradov, L. S., Verzi, V., Vilanova, D., Vitale, L., Vlasov, E., Vodopyanov, A. S., Vollmer, C., Voulgaris, G., Vrba, V., Wahlen, H., Walck, C., Washbrook, A. J., Weiser, C., Wetherell, A. M., Wicke, D., Wickens, J., Wilkinson, G., Winter, M., Witek, M., Wlodek, T., Wolf, G., Yi, J., Yushchenko, O., Zaitsev, A., Zalewska, A., Zalewski, P., Zavrtanik, D., Zevgolatakos, E., Zhuravlov, V., Zimin, N. I., Zintchenko, A., Zoller, P., Zucchelli, G. C., Zumerle, G., Zupan, M., Acciarri, M., Achard, P., Adriani, O., Aguilar-Benitez, M., Alcaraz, J., Alemanni, G., Allaby, J., Aloisio, A., Alviggi, M. G., Ambrosi, G., Anderhub, H., Andreev, V. P., Angelescu, T., Anselmo, F., Arefiev, A., Azemoon, T., Aziz, T., Bagnaia, P., Bajo, A., Baksay, G., Baksay, L., Balandras, A., Baldew, S. V., Ball, R. C., Banerjee, S., Banerjee, S., Barczyk, A., Barillere, R., Barone, L., Bartalini, P., Basile, M., Batalova, N., Battiston, R., Bay, A., Becattini, F., Becker, U., Behner, F., Bellucci, L., Berbeco, R., Berdugo, J., Berges, P., Bertucci, B., Betev, B. L., Bhattacharya, S., Biasini, M., Biglietti, M., Biland, A., Blaising, J. J., Blyth, S. C., Bobbink, B. J., Bohm, A., Boldizsar, L., Borgia, B., Bottai, S., Bourilkov, D., Bourquin, M., Braccini, S., Branson, J. G., Brigljevic, V., Brochu, F., Brock, I. C., Buffini, A., Buijs, A., Burger, J. D., Burger, W. J., Button, A., Cai, X. D., Campanelli, M., Capell, M., Romeo, G. C., Carlino, G., Cartacci, A., Casaus, J., Castellini, G., Cavallari, E., Cavallo, N., Cecchi, C., Cerrada, M., Cesaroni, F., Chamizo, M., Chang, Y. H., Chaturvedi, U. K., Chemarin, M., Chen, A., Chen, G., Chen, G. M., Chen, H. F., Chen, H. S., Chiefari, G., Cifarelli, L., Cindolo, F., Civinini, C., Clare, I., Clare, R., Coignet, G., Colijn, A. P., Colino, N., Costantini, S., Cotorobai, F., Cozzoni, B., de la Cruz, B., Csilling, A., Cucciarelli, S., Dai, T. S., van Dalen, J. A., D'Alessandro, R., de Asmundis, R., Debreczeni, J., Deglon, P., Degre, P., Dehmelt, K., Deiters, K., della Volpe, D., Delmeire, E., Denes, P., DeNotaristefani, F., De Salvo, A., Diemoz, M., Dierckxsens, M., van Dierendonck, D., Di Lodovico, F., Dionisi, C., Dittmar, M., Dominguez, A., DORIA, A., Dova, M. T., Duchesneau, D., Dufournaud, D., Duda, M., Duinker, P., Duran, I., Dutta, S., Echenard, B., Eline, A., El Hage, A., El Mamouni, H., Engler, A., Eppling, F. J., Erne, F. C., Extermann, P., Fabre, M., Faccini, R., Falagan, M. A., Falciano, S., Favara, A., Fay, J., Fedin, O., Felcini, M., Ferguson, T., Ferroni, F., Fesefeldt, H., Fiandrini, E., Field, J. H., Filthaut, F., Fisher, P. H., Fisher, W., Fisk, I., Forconi, G., Fredj, L., Freudenreich, K., Furetta, C., Galaktionov, Y., Ganguli, S. N., Garcia-Abia, P., Gataullin, M., Gau, S. S., Gentile, S., Gheordanescu, N., Giagu, S., Gong, Z. F., Grenier, G., Grimm, O., Gruenewald, M. W., Guida, M., van Gulik, R., van Gupta, V. K., Gurtu, A., Gutay, L. J., Haas, D., Hasan, A., Hatzifotiadou, D., Hebbeker, T., Herve, A., Hidas, P., Hirschfelder, J., Hofer, H., Hohlmann, M., Holzner, G., Hoorani, H., Hou, S. R., Lashvili, I., Innocente, V., Jin, B. N., Jindal, P., Jones, L. W., deJong, P., Josa-Mutuberria, I., Khan, R. A., Kaur, M., Kienzle-Focacci, M. N., Kim, D., Kim, J. K., Kirkby, J., Kiss, D., Kittel, W., Klimentov, A., Konig, A. C., Koffeman, E., Kopal, M., Kopp, A., Koutsenko, V., Kraber, M., Kraemer, R. W., Krenz, W., Kruger, A., Kuijten, H., Kunin, A., de Guevara, P. L., Laktineh, I., Landi, G., Lassila-Perini, K., Lebeau, M., Lebedev, A., Lebrun, P., Lecomte, P., Lecoq, P., Le Coultre, P., Lee, H. J., Le Goff, J. M., Leiste, R., Leonardi, E., Levtchenko, M., Levtchenko, P., Li, C., Likhoded, S., Lin, C. H., Lin, W. T., Linde, F. L., Lista, L., Liu, Z. A., Lohmann, W., Longo, E., Lu, Y. S., Lu, W., Lubelsmeyer, K., Luci, C., Luckey, D., Luminari, L., Lugnier, L., Lustermann, W., Ma, W. G., Maity, M., Malgeri, L., Malinin, A., Mana, C., Mangeol, D., Mans, J., Marchesini, P., Marian, G., Martin, J. P., Marzano, F., Massaro, G. G., Mazumdar, K., McNeil, R. R., Mele, S., Merola, L., Merk, M., Meschini, M., Metzger, W. J., von der Mey, M., Mihul, A., Milcent, H., Mirabelli, G., Mnich, J., Mohanty, G. B., Molnar, P., Monteleoni, B., Moulik, T., Muanza, G. S., Muheim, F., Muijs, A. J., Musicar, B., Musy, M., Nagy, S., Natale, S., Napolitano, M., Nessi-Tedaldi, F., Newman, H., Niessen, T., Nisati, A., Novak, I., Nowak, H., Ofierzynski, R., Organtini, G., Oulianov, A., Pal, I., Palomares, C., Pandoulas, D., Paoletti, S., Paoloni, A., Paolucci, P., Paramatti, R., Park, H. K., Park, I. H., Pascale, G., Passaleva, G., Patricelli, S., Paul, T., Pauluzzi, M., Paus, C., Pauss, F., Peach, D., Pedace, M., Pensotti, S., Perret-Gallix, D., Petersen, B., Piccolo, D., Pierella, F., Pieri, M., Pioppi, M., Piroue, P. 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    (40)Ar/(39)Ar dating of drill core samples of a glassy melt rock recovered from beneath a massive impact breccia contained within the 180-kilometer subsurface Chicxulub crater in Yucatán, Mexico, has yielded well-behaved incremental heating spectra with a mean plateau age of 64.98 +/- 0.05 million years ago (Ma). The glassy melt rock of andesitic composition was obtained from core 9 (1390 to 1393 meters) in the Chicxulub 1 well. The age of the melt rock is virtually indistinguishable from (40)Ar/(39)Ar ages obtained on tektite glass from Beloc, Haiti, and Arroyo el Mimbral, northeastern Mexico, of 65.01 +/- 0.08 Ma (mean plateau age for Beloc) and 65.07 +/- 0.10 Ma (mean total fusion age for both sites). The (40)Ar/(39)Ar ages, in conjunction with geochemical and petrological similarities, strengthen the recent suggestion that the Chicxulub structure is the source for the Haitian and Mexican tektites and is a viable candidate for the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary impact site.

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